2-year sentence like Kim Dae-hyun, Lee Young-ha’s possibility of innocence UP? “If there is a positive conclusion, we can start pitching right away.”

Doosan Bears pitcher Lee Young-ha held a final trial regarding allegations of school violence during his high school days. The prosecution, which prosecuted Lee Young-ha without detention, sentenced him to a final two-year sentence.

Lee Young-ha attended the 6th trial on the suspicion of school violence held at the Seoul Western District Court at 3:00 pm on May 3. In the 6th trial on this day, along with the witness examination of Lee Young-ha’s side, the final examination of the accused and the prosecution’s request were carried out.

In the past, Mr. A, a junior in the high school baseball team of Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha, claimed that he was bullied by the two players in the baseball team during school days. After Mr. A reported Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha to the Sports Ethics Center, the Sports Ethics Center, which deliberated the case, requested a police investigation in May 2022. After the police investigation, the prosecution indicted Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha without detention on charges of special assault, coercion, and extortion.

Kim Dae-hyun, who was handed over to trial after enlisting in active duty, proceeded with a trial related to school violence at a military tribunal. Kim Dae-hyeon was acquitted by a military tribunal on January 10th. This was because the court judged that the testimony of Mr. A lacked credibility.

The difference between the trials of Kim Dae-hyun and Lee Young-ha is the number of charges related to school violence. Lee Young-ha faces more charges than Kim Dae-hyun. Lee Young-ha is facing charges of coercion and blackmail as well as special assault. In particular, claiming charges of coercion and extortion, such as that Mr. A was extorted ramen from Lee Young-ha during overseas field training, is a somewhat different matter from Kim Dae-hyun’s case. Lee Young-ha’s side believes that the outcome of the charges of coercion and extortion in overseas training is the key to this trial.

Witness Lee Young-ha, who appeared at the 6th trial, said, “As far as I remember, there was no assault or foolishness during the field training. I don’t remember anyone stealing ramen or snacks,” he said. I don’t even remember that Mr. A came to my room.”

Lee Young-ha, who appeared in the final defendant’s newspaper, also denied all charges related to his suspicion of school violence. Prosecutors requested a final two-year imprisonment for Lee Young-ha.

Attorney Lee Young-ha said, “The prosecution itself is driven by the statute of limitations, so there is a lot of evidence against objective data, so I don’t think it can prove a crime. Calling out the names of the accused or making them call nicknames or gathering was not assault, extortion, or threats. He insisted that the accused be innocent because it was a customary part among baseball players.”

Then, in the final remarks, Lee Young-ha said, “I am reflecting on the parts that I need to reflect on, but there are definitely parts that I think are not. I also feel sorry for Mr. A. She faithfully attended the trial. He wasn’t a good senior, but I don’t know if he behaved badly or was harsh enough to go to court. I hope he really thinks he didn’t do anything bad,” she said.

메이저사이트 Lee Young-ha’s side sees a high possibility of her innocence with the conclusion of her trial. Kim Dae-hyeon, who had previously undergone a military trial, was also sentenced to two years in prison by the military prosecution, but was acquitted in the first trial due to insufficient evidence.

Attorney Lee Young-ha said, “The prosecution has their own standards for strife. The court sentence starts from six months in prison, but it seems that he was sentenced to two years for coercion, special violence, and blackmail, not for one crime. Although Kim Dae-hyeon (unlike Lee Young-ha) is not guilty of blackmail, the military prosecutors sentenced him to two years in prison in the first trial. In the end, the causal relationship between the opposing side’s evidence is far from the facts. I think there is a high possibility that he will be acquitted because Mr. A’s memory has many mistakes.”

The Seoul Western District Court plans to issue a verdict on Lee Young-ha’s trial at 10:00 am on May 31. If innocent here comes out, Doosan is expected to sign a contract with Lee Young-ha, who was on hold, this season and prepare for the first team stage immediately.

Lee Young-ha said, “Recently, I had a bad shoulder, so I was in the rehabilitation group, but now I’m fully recovered. If the conclusion of the trial comes out in a positive direction, he will be able to prepare for actual pitching right away.” An official from the Doosan club also said, “We plan to start discussing Lee Young-ha’s contract as soon as the results of the trial are announced.” Attention is focusing on whether Lee Young-ha will be able to return to the mound at Jamsil Stadium in June.

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