‘213.6 billion cyber pitches’ expected to return in July, ‘first half blown’

The New York Yankees are in good shape with an 8-2 record in their last 10 games, but when will Carlos Rodon, 31, return?

NJ.com, a New York-based outlet, broke the news of Rodon being placed on the disabled list on Aug. 22. He could return in July at the earliest.

According to the report, Rodon received a cortisone injection on the 10th and is currently undergoing rehabilitation exercises. The process is progressing well.

Rodon is currently playing 120 feet (about 37 meters) of catch and is not expected to need another injection.

However, he is still a long way off from returning. Even if everything goes smoothly, he’s looking at another six weeks. There are bullpen pitches, live BP, and rehab appearances left.

At least six weeks from now. So Rodon won’t be back until July at the earliest, which means a late first half or late second half return is realistic.

Rodon suffered a left forearm injury to start the season. Luckily, it didn’t lead to elbow ligament splicing surgery (Tommy John surgery).

However, Rodon was acquired by the New York Yankees in hopes of forming a one-two punch with Gerrit Cole, 33. He signed a whopping six-year, $162 million contract.

What’s worse is that this was seen coming. Rodon didn’t get a big contract after finishing fifth in American League Cy Young Award voting last season. 스포츠토토

That’s because every team knew about his physical condition. Rodon then opted for free agency and posted a 2.88 ERA in 31 games last year.

Was it because he pitched 178 innings in 31 games last year? The New York Yankees gave Rodon a massive six-year, $162 million contract despite his questionable health.

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