32-year-old La Liga star ‘Soccer is a side job’ → 330 billion ‘money cushion’ through real estate-fashion-food business

Martin Braithwaite, who played in Barcelona, ​​Spain from 2020 to last year, is active as a forward at Espanyol this season.

However, Braithwaite says he now earns more from his side job than he does as a soccer player.

He is said to be building an ’empire of wealth’ with various side jobs such as real estate development, clothing business, and healthy food delivery. To put it simply, it is not too wrong to say that football is a side job and the main job is a business. 먹튀검증

England’s The Sun recently introduced braceweights, who are earning more off the field. He was doing well in Barcelona, ​​but he was out of his power in 2021 when he suffered a knee cartilage injury. In the end, Braithwaite, who had not been able to achieve significant results for two seasons, joined Espanyol in September of last year.

He is making a comeback this season by scoring 4 goals in 14 games, but the Sun reported that it would not matter if he retired today. for his wealth is great.

Currently, the value of Braithweight’s company is about 216 million pounds, or about 330 billion won in Korean currency. He earned £85,000 a week, or about 130 million won, while playing for Barcelona.

How did he build his wealth after earning more than he made as a soccer player? Braithwaite started making big money investing in American real estate. The body is running in Europe, but the investment was made in the United States.

It was in 2017 that he went on the sidelines. He invested £617,000 in a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In one year, it became 7.2 million pounds, more than 10 times. It is now said to be worth 180 million pounds.

The company that Braithwaite invested in mainly builds and rents affordable housing in densely black areas in Philadelphia and New Jersey, USA. It is said that the company now owns 1,500 apartments. And 500 more are under construction.

It is also carrying out the ‘Smart Home Project’ targeting students and creators who are well-versed in technology and have a business mindset. Like Silicon Valley, it plays a role in helping young entrepreneurs start their own businesses while living together.

The businesses that Braithwaite is helping are high-tech industries such as virtual reality rental, AI-based VIP concierge, and keyless/facial recognition. Braithwaite, who runs a business with his brother, plans to leverage this cutting-edge technology to make 100,000 millennial millionaires by 2030.

Not only this, he also has a fashion and food business with his wife, Anne Lorre. Trente, run by his wife, has been a huge success in his native France since launching in 2019.

The couple also owns a restaurant called Gabe on Gava Beach in Barcelona. It is a restaurant specializing in vegetarian cuisine.

Through this restaurant, the couple has now launched a home delivery service of vegan and vegetarian dishes. This menu is specially designed for athletes who want to eat healthy but are busy and don’t have the knowledge or time to cook.

Braithwaite said in an interview with a US magazine, “I thought my mindset could be more American. It is about dreaming bigger, doing amazing things, and setting goals,” he explained why he invested in the US.

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