A whole man utd in a shopping cart? West Ham, offense-midfield-defense resources drool

West Ham put Manchester United in their shopping cart.

England’s ‘Cut Offside’ reported on the 19th that “West Ham could target Manchester United’s quartet.”

West Ham’s targets are Anthony Martial, Donny van de Beek, Scott McTominay and Harry Maguire.

Manchester United will undergo a major power change at the end of this season. Reinforcement is expected to occur along with disposal.

Manchester United coach Eric ten Haag has written the kill-deal, and it is expected that the players included will leave.

Martial, Van de Beek, McTominay and Maguire, whom West Ham will target, are also players who could leave Manchester United.

Martial tried to change the atmosphere with a loan transfer to Seville, but there was no particular effect. Even in the Ten Hagh coaching system, he failed to take a picture of his eyes with a lower-than-expected appearance.

In particular, Manchester United is aiming for Harry Kane, and there is also a prospect that it can be used as a trade card.

Van de Beek and McTominay were pushed out of the starting competition. There is a high possibility that Casemiro will leave because he can’t find a gap to squeeze in while showing a great performance.

Maguire left Leicester City in 2019 and transferred to Manchester United through the highest transfer fee ever for a defender at the time. In the beginning, he took over the captain’s armband with a good performance.

However, his performance gradually deteriorated and he was criticized for his performance below expectations. It is an atmosphere that has been excluded from Ten Hag’s plan and is being evaluated as the most influential player to leave Manchester United in the upcoming summer. 안전놀이터

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