Ahn Se-young, who defeated the strong players, “I was able to develop by breaking a lot”

“I think there is no player who has never won, so I feel confident and relaxed.”

Korean female badminton ace Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance) appeared at the arrivals hall of Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 31st with two gold medals and one silver around her neck.

From the last 10 days, she had been forced to go through the Malaysia Open, India Open, and Indonesia Open in turn, but Ahn Se-young’s face showed pride and ease rather than tiredness.

That would also be the case, Ahn Se-young took down ‘nemesis’ Chen Yu-fei (China), ‘nemesis’ Akane Yamaguchi (Japan), and ‘strong enemy’ Carolina Marin (Spain) in turn in her last three tournaments.

All of them were strong players who showed an advantage over Ahn Se-young in the opponent’s record at No. 1 in the current and former world rankings.

In particular, it was weak against Chen Yufei (1-8) and Yamaguchi (5-9), and was inferior to Marin with 3-4.

But the past was just the past. Ahn Se-young grew up through her bitter defeats and she blossomed in this tournament.

In the semifinals of the Malaysia Open and the finals of the Indonesia Open, she defeated Chen Wei Fei and Ma Lin, respectively, and lost to Yamaguchi in the final of the Malaysia Open, but immediately took revenge in the final of the India Open.

Ahn Se-young met with reporters at the arrival hall that day and looked back, saying, “I was able to know how I could defeat these players while bumping into and breaking a lot.”

Regarding Chen Yufei, who is called his nemesis, he expressed his confidence, saying, “Now I know a lot about how to prepare, so it was not very surprising that I won this time.”

He picked Yamaguchi as his most difficult opponent.

Ahn Se-young said, “It was difficult to deal with because he was able to pass (my attack) well and attack well,” and said, “I was happy to win in the final.”

At the same time, he revealed that he made up for his physical weakness by reviewing the game he lost to Yamaguchi in the past.

He explained, “Looking at the game again, when I was losing my stamina, it was clear that Yamaguchi was getting faster.”

She had grown from a high school girl national team who cried sadly after losing a match to a leading badminton player in Korea.

Ahn Se-young recalled the loss in the Malaysia Open final, saying, “Even though it was regrettable, I thought I could prepare again, so I didn’t think deeply.” .

I could feel the resolute attitude in dealing with this year, which is crowded with Jeonyeong Open and Hangzhou Asian Games. 메이저놀이터

Ahn Se-young said, “I’m worried and excited, but there were many times when it didn’t work out if I thought too much.” “Since my goal this year is to play badminton in a fun and happy way, I will not think too much about the future and will do my best every day with a light heart.” said it

“The goal is a gold medal,” she said with a bashful smile.

Ahn Se-young told her fans, “Thanks to their support, she was able to grow and show good results.” Regarding her injury concerns, she confidently replied, “I don’t feel sick after winning. It’s okay.”

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