Angels Trout Broken Wristbone…Return of All-Star Game Tickets for Three Years in a Row

Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout (31) collapsed due to another injury.

Trout, who suffered from a calf injury in 2021 and a back injury last year, recently broke his left wrist bone, which left him out of power.

MLB Dotcom said on the 5th (Korea Standard Time), “Trout seems to have to focus on recovering for about four to eight weeks.”

Trout was replaced after complaining of left-handed pain after hitting a foul in the eighth inning of the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) visiting game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 4th.

Afterwards, he was immediately examined, and was diagnosed with a broken wrist bone. It has not been decided whether to operate.

Trout said in an interview with MLB Dotcom on the same day, “I asked for advice from those who suffered similar injuries,” adding, “The speed of recovery varies depending on the person.” “I’ll watch for now,” he said.

Trout, who debuted in 2011, is a slugger 토토사이트 representing MLB. He has grown into a leading hitter in the league with his explosive long-hitting power and sophisticated batting skills.

In March 2019, he signed a mega-contract worth $426.5 million (about KRW 553.4 billion) with the Angels for 12 years, opening the era of $400 million for the first time in the history of ball games.

However, Trout has been suffering from frequent injuries recently.

In 2021, he played only 36 games due to a calf injury, and also suffered from a back injury last year.

Trout is suffering from bad news ahead of the All-Star Game. The injury forced him to return tickets to the All-Star Game for the third consecutive year.

Trout has been selected as an All-Star a total of 11 times so far this year, but four of them have been absent due to injuries.

This year’s MLB All-Star Game will be held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, at 9 a.m. on the 12th.

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