‘Anti-Kim Min-jae’ Italian reporter criticizes again, “I often lose in one-on-one fights”

Everything was groundless. Kim Min-jae activated the ‘iron wall mode’ again and led Napoli to victory. However, reporter Francesco Marolda, who is notorious as an anti-Kim Min-jae even in Italy, criticized him once again.

Napoli won 2-1 against Lecce in the 29th round of Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at Via del Mare in Lecce, Italy on the 8th at 2:00 am (Korean time). With this, Napoli maintains the lead with 74 points, while Lecce is in 16th place with 27 points.

Napoli, who suffered a crushing 0-4 defeat against AC Milan last time, desperately needed a rebound in this game. In particular, since the Champions League quarter-final against AC Milan was waiting, we had to prepare for an important match after a reversal in the league. Kim Min-jae was also desperate. After the match against Uruguay in March, he suffered controversy due to inappropriate remarks, which led to a slump in the match against Milan.

But everything was for nothing. In the match against Lecce, following the match against Milan, Kim Min-jae showed a perfect comeback with a stable defense. He also recorded attack points. In the 18th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae crossed from the right and Giovanni Di Lorenzo in the center headed it. It was Kim Min-jae’s help in season 2. 메이저놀이터

The winner was Napoli, and Kim Min-jae completely washed away the sluggish match against Milan. Football statistics company ‘Potmob’ gave Kim Min-jae the highest rating of 8.5 points. On this day, Kim Min-jae played full-time, including 1 assist, 89% pass success rate, 1 opportunity creation, 117 touches, 100% dribble success rate, 6 final third passes, 1 cross success rate, 43% long pass success rate, tackle 1 time, clearing 3 times, interception 1 time, recovery 9 times, ground contention success rate 100%, aerial contention success rate 78%, etc. The ‘iron wall mode’ was re-activated.

However, reporter Marolda, who is notorious even in Italy, still underestimated Kim Min-jae. Italian media ‘Calcio Napoli 24’ conveyed the words of reporter Marolda, saying, “Napoli is having a special season, but after a poor performance with Milan, it was not safe for Lecce. “You have to find the determination to be able to do it. The solution could be a long ball, but there is no Osimen.”

Reporter Marolda then criticized him again, saying, “Kim Min-jae? What I want to say is that he still loses a lot in fights with opponents.”

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