“Audience + Marketing + Sponsorship” Ohtani Reserved $600M…Walking company ‘never trade’

“If the Angels were committed to maximizing the value of the Otani trade, they would have traded him last year.”

It is also observed that the LA Angels will not trade Shohei Otani regardless of Mike Trout’s injury and recent decline (three wins and seven 안전놀이터 losses in 10 games, including the last three consecutive losses). MLB.com ‘s view is that if the Angels had made up their mind to trade Otani, they would have already put it into practice in the 2022-2023 offseason.

MLB.com John Paul Morosi briefly made these claims on the 6th (Korea Standard Time), and wrote an article in more detail on the 7th. “The club’s management team will communicate with other teams about the trade scenario if the Angels’ fall continues. However, it is completely different to present a possible transaction and get approval,” he said.

In other words, the owner of Arte Moreno will never move. By withdrawing the sale of the club, it should be said that it has solidified its policy of not being able to trade Otani. Moroshi said, “If the Angels were committed to maximizing the value of the Otani trade, they would have transferred him last year.”

Otani’s contract size is based on $500 million and talks about $600 million or even $700 million. It is certain to shake the history of professional sports around the world beyond the Major League. If the Angels are not the winner of the FA market anyway, it is right to trade them right away. If you lose Otani in the FA market, you won’t get anything. If you trade now, you can get an all-time promising package.

But Morosi had a different idea. The Angels know that, but it is also meaningful to take advantage in front of them. “Even if the Angels miss the postseason, it’s worth keeping Otani in the roster until he goes into the FA market. There are viewers watching him every time he plays. Marketing revenue and sponsorship are attached to his appearance. He said, “The possibility of his second American League MVP selection is very realistic.”

For the Angels, if you hand over Otani to a trade, the profits that Otani can earn immediately will be zero. In other words, even though they know that they will say goodbye empty-handed this winter, they cannot easily give up the huge profits in front of them. That’s why the Angels want to play the postseason with Otani for once. Do you want to refuse a “bonus money feast” regardless of your grades. Otani is a walking company.

Morosi predicted that the Angels will not be able to quell rumors of Ohtani’s trade as they win more in the future. Anyway, the time between the Angels and Otani is getting smaller. The scenario that the Angels will extract the maximum value of money through Otani by autumn and then break up is gaining strength. At this point, the U.S. media believes that the LA Dodgers are the only team that can afford Otani’s $600 million contract.

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