‘Autumn Baseball + Center Line’ NEW LG Man is looking forward to… “I thought a lot in my head.”

Left-handed pitcher Kim Yoo-young (29, LG Twins), who made his first transfer after 10 years of professional life, did not hide his expectations. He looked forward to the 2023 season with his new team more than anyone else.

Kim Yoo-young left his former team, Lotte Giants, and changed his uniform to LG as a free agent (FA) compensation player for Yoo Gang-nam during the off-season. It is the first transfer of his debut, the second professional team. Before starting the field training on the 30th, he expressed his feelings, “I still do not feel (transfer). I am always nervous because I think it is the same competition every year and everywhere.” 안전놀이터

Kim Yoo-young’s new team, LG, is a regular postseason customer. Since 2019, he has been steadily moving into fall baseball. On the other hand, Lotte, Kim Yoo-young’s former team, had no relationship with the postseason after the 2017 season. Considering LG’s strength and pace in recent years, this is a situation where Kim Yu-young can raise expectations for his personal second postseason.

Kim Yoo-young said, “(Expectation for the postseason) is natural. So I thought a lot in my head alone. I imagined fall baseball, and I spent an exciting off-season recalling the postseason in 2017 (Lotte at the time). ” he replied.

Kim Yoo-young explained various expectations after joining LG. A typical example is Jamsil Stadium and the center line (catcher – second baseman – shortstop – center fielder) that will protect it.

Jamsil Stadium is a very large stadium with a length of 100m from the home plate to the left and right fences and 125m to the middle wall. For pitchers, it can be advantageous in many ways as it can reduce the risk of long hits. Also, the defense of the LG beasts guarding the place is noteworthy. Starting with catcher Park Dong-won, outstanding players such as shortstop Oh Ji-hwan and center fielder Park Hae-min guard the center line.

Kim Yoo-young said, “Anyway, the baseball field is big and the center line defense is strong. I thought that I would have an advantage in that area. As a player, it seems to be a better environment. I am thinking that way.”

Lastly, Kim Yoo-young revealed her goal during the spring camp. She said that she wanted to learn many things from LG players who consistently made good results. She expressed her anticipation, saying, “I was curious about what (the players) thought. If there is a chance, I would like to ask each individual.”

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