“Baseball heat continues” KBO League, surpassed 2 million spectators in 191 games

Professional baseball has surpassed 2 million spectators in 191 games since its opening.

In the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held on the 20th, a total of 93,893 spectators were mobilized from five stadiums: Jamsil, Suwon, Sajik, Gwangju, and Changwon.

Among them, Sajik Stadium (22,990 people), where the Lotte Giants and SSG Landers, who are fighting for the lead, faced each other, and Jamsil Stadium (23,750 people), where the LG Twins and Hanwha Eagles clashed, were crowded with spectators.

All tickets for Sajik Stadium were sold out at 4:00 pm, an hour before the game started. This is the second time this season that Sajik Stadium in Busan has been sold out.

Jamsil Stadium was sold out at 5:52 pm, 52 minutes after the start of the game. This is the third case this season that LG’s home game was sold out.

The KBO League, which had 1,977,847 people from 186 games until the previous day, leaving 22,153 people up to 2 million spectators, recorded a cumulative total of 2,071,740 as a result of this day.

This is a record of 2 million spectators achieved after 191 games this season, and it is only 90 games since the 27th of last month (101 games) when the number exceeded 1 million spectators.

This is a much faster pace than last year’s 272 games, which were affected by the corona, and a similar pace to 2015 (189 games).

In 2016, 2 million spectators entered after 168 games, 166 games in 2017, and 175 games in 2018.

In 2019, right before the corona, 2 million spectators were mobilized in 173 games 스포츠토토.

Prior to the opening, the professional baseball team’s poor performance in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and various misconduct by players and general managers increased concerns over box office success, but so far it has been showing a solid appearance.

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