Chelsea’s 142 billion evaporation? Arsenal, who wrote much less, ‘Second Hazard Effect’

The spending of Chelsea and Arsenal was compared.

On the 14th, the football statistics site ‘Transfer Market’ compared Chelsea and Arsenal’s new freshman Mihailo Mudrik and Leandro Trosar, saying, “Who is the better signing?”

Chelsea have stepped up their attack in the winter transfer window and have identified Mudrik as the right choice.

Mudrik is a Ukrainian national and a winger born in 2001. He can digest both left and right sides and is equipped with multi-ability to play as a central midfielder depending on the situation.

In particular, he received positive reviews for his versatility as he was free to use both feet.

Chelsea staked their lives on Mudrik and invested a whopping £89 million (approximately 142 billion won) to confirm the signing.

Mudriq showed a flashing appearance in his debut match, but there has been no significant performance since. He is being criticized for his performances that do not match the transfer fee.

Moudrik has played 333 minutes since joining Chelsea and has not scored. He only recorded one assist.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are feeling the freshman Trosar effect.

Trossar is a Belgian born in 1994 and joined Brighton Albion in 2019 after playing for Henk.

Trosar made a soft landing on the English stage, displaying his quick feet and shooting ability. He also showed his presence in the Belgian national team, suggesting new possibilities as the second Eden Hazard.

Trossar played 16 games for Brighton before joining Arsenal this season, showing off his presence with 7 goals and 2 assists as an attacking point. 바카라

Wearing an Arsenal uniform through the winter transfer window, Trossar played 456 minutes, scoring one goal and providing five assists. In a match against Fulham, he also scored a hat-trick of assists.

Trossar is quickly integrating into Arsenal and reinvigorating their lead-up run. It is a part that is compared to Chelsea’s Moudrik.

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