Choi Yoon-gyeom on his surprise visit to the Cheongju U-12 training center

The Chungbuk Cheongju Professional Football Club (CEO: Kim Hyun-ju, hereinafter referred to as Chungbuk Cheongju FC) U-12 team played a practice match against Gunpo Youth Football Club on May 31 at 5:00 p.m. at the Cheongju Inha Sports Park. Chungbuk Cheongju FC won the match 8-4 with even performances from all players.

The concentration of the players on the field was better than ever. This was thanks to the visit of the adult team’s head coach Choi Yoon-gyeom, GK coach Lee Seung-jun, and coach Ryu Hyung-yeol. Choi Yoon-gyeom and his coaching staff watched the game closely and examined the movements of the Chungbuk Cheongju FC team. 토토사이트

They didn’t come to the stadium empty-handed. After the game, Choi delivered pizza to the team, which he paid for himself, to encourage them.

“The coaching staff of the adult team is also watching your play. It was noticeable that your skills have improved from before, and I think you showed a good game. I want to tell you that you worked hard,” he said, encouraging the team.

“You must not forget that you are also players of Chungbuk Cheongju FC. I want you to have a sense of pride and responsibility and strive to grow further under the guidance of coach Choi Jeong-jeong and coach Park Seung-woo,” he said.

U-12 coach Choi Jeong-jeong said, “Coach Choi Yoon-gyeom himself came and gave us a lot of advice, which motivated the kids. I want to say thank you very much, and I will do my best to help them grow into great players,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Coach Choi and the coaching staff.

Meanwhile, the Chungbuk Cheongju FC U-12 team will participate in the K League Youth Championship in Yeongdeok from July 14 to 20. It will be interesting to see if the U-12 team can expand the status of Chungbuk Cheongju FC.

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