Commemorating the sad death of a young referee

On the 11th, sad news was delivered from this magazine. It was the news that Hwang Jae-won (44), who showed a good appearance as a referee, passed away.

It is said that the news of the passing away of a young referee who has just entered his mid-40s was received as a considerable shock among the referees as well as the association. That would also be the case because Commissioner Hwang was a rare referee these days who set an example to student athletes with a fairly exemplary appearance at Mokdong Stadium and other places. In particular, despite not being a baseball player, he decided to become a referee and took on a difficult challenge 11 years ago and finally succeeded. It was hard work or a normal passion for baseball.

Kang Shin-woo, an umpire from the Korea Baseball Softball Association who said he respected Hwang, showed a particularly sad look, saying, “It’s too bad. It seems like we lost a really good older brother. He was a really exemplary umpire…” In particular, he hid the fact that he was fighting a disease and added to the sadness of the sudden news of his death without notifying his colleagues until the end.

Commissioner Kang said, “In fact, (Hwang) Jae-won knew well that his older brother was sick. However, even if it was liver cancer, he thought it was in the early stages, and he had no idea that it was close to the end stage. That’s why I resent that even more. Why did you try to hide it!”

토토사이트 It is said that on days when he was not working as a referee, he lived faithfully as a father of two daughters while running a business. So he became a self-made man to the extent that he was not envious, but he left his wife and two daughters before he could eat more of the fruit of that success. For the past 11 years, it is a pity that it is a deceased person who has stepped out anywhere, including Mokdong Stadium and Ama Baseball.

In particular, this year, as many top rookies as last year, referees can see them up close on the ground. It is quite sad that he left such good luck at such a young age.

Commissioner Hwang, who passed away on the 11th, entered the hospital on the 12th and went to the funeral service on the morning of the 13th (mortuary: room 11 of the funeral hall at Asan Hospital, Seoul). As there is only one day left on his last journey, I want him to remember that there were people who left this world after living an exemplary life like this. Rest in peace for the deceased.

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