Conceit → Respect for the opponent, T1 ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung’s growth is currently ongoing

I played the game with more respect for my opponent.”

After a great match that went all the way to the full set, they succeeded in revenge. Throwing away the arrogance that had been cherished so far and respecting the opponent and playing the game brought victory. The ‘growth’ of T1’s long-distance dealer ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung, who took revenge on Genji, whom he met again at an international competition, is currently in progress.

T1 won Gen.G with a set score of 3-2 in the second round of the Bracket Stage bracket stage of the ‘2023 Mid-Season Invitational’ (MSI) held at the Copper Box Arena in London, England on the 13th (Korean time). After clearing away their defeat in the last LCK Spring Finals, T1 was the first to confirm their advance to the 3rd round of the MSI Bracket Stage.

On this day, T1 overpowered Gen.G in engagement and management, taking the 1st and 2nd sets first. The 3rd set, which was able to put an end to the victory, allowed a come-from-behind loss and even gave up the 4th set, and the match became the starting point. And in the long-awaited 5th set, they finally won with unwavering teamfight concentration. It was a day in which Lee Min-hyung’s performance stood out.

The secret to victory is to throw away the pride that you will win easily. After the game, Lee Min-hyeong said, “I think T1 is always a strong team and a team that is expected to win. “I thought we could easily beat Gen.G in the last LCK Spring Finals.” revealed

He said, “I am happy with the victory, but it is regrettable that bad plays came out in the 3rd and 4th sets. However, since we overwhelmingly won the 1st and 2nd sets, I thought that if I did well, I could win the 5th set.” chopped up

He also mentioned Gen.G’s new ranged dealer Kim “Face” Soo-hwan. It is evaluated that he is inferior to his opponent. Lee Min-hyung said, “None of the two were perfect, so there were good matches and there were bad matches. (Kim Soo-hwan) and I did well together.”

With this victory, T1 will face off against the winner of the ‘China (LPL) Civil War’ of Jingdong Gaming and Bilibili Gaming in the third round of the MSI Bracket Stage, directly to the finals. Who will be Lee Min-hyung’s opponent for the third round?

He said, “I think there is a high chance that Jingdong Gaming will win. However, Bilibili Gaming also has a chance to win. Personally, I predict that Bilibili Gaming will win,” he said. Therefore, I hope that Bilibili Gaming will come up.”

Following last year, T1 is standing on an important road to ‘advancing to the MSI finals for two consecutive times’. We expect T1, representing Korea, to beat the Chinese team in the third round and be the first to make it to the MSI finals 메이저사이트

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