Did you push it on purpose or how did you push it… Controversial tag out, the director protested vehemently, but ‘exited’

The controversial tag-out led to the director being sent off.

The match between LG and Samsung was held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 13th. Controversy arose over LG second baseman Jung Joo-hyun and Samsung Samsung Kim Tae-gun tagging out at second base.

In the 7th inning, Samsung trailed by 2-7, Kim Ji-chan, the lead batter, was hit by the pitcher and went on base with a heavy hit. Next, Kim Tae-gun hit a left-handed hit that escaped the third base. Runner on first base is safe on third base. Kim Tae-goon ran to second base.

Shortstop Oh Ji-hwan caught the left fielder’s throw and threw it to second base. Kim Tae-goon touched the second base first with his right hand with a head-first sliding. Afterwards, second baseman Jung Joo-hyun tagged, Kim Tae-goon’s hand fell off the base, and the second baseman declared an out.

Kim Tae-gun sent a sign to the bench to request a video review, and Samsung applied for a video review. On the TV screen, after sliding, Kim Tae-goon’s right hand, lying down and unsteadily touching the base, seemed to be pushed down by Jung Joo-hyun’s tag.

However, the result of the video reading was out as it was. The video review judge seems to have seen that Jung Joo-hyun did not intentionally push Kim Tae-gun’s hand away. In the process of tagging, Kim Tae-goon’s hand fell off, but it was seen as normal play.

When the results of the video edition came out, Samsung coach Park Jin-man came out to the ground and protested to the referees. The result of the video reading is not the right of the referee on the spot. The on-site referee only delivers the results of the video review center. In the end, according to the rules for declaring an ejection for protests against the results of the video review, the referees declared coach Park Jin-man’s ejection.

It was an atmosphere where the flow of pursuit was cut off as the situation that could have been a chance for safe 2nd and 3rd base became 1st base and 3rd base. It’s a huge difference. Director Park Jin-man would have been forced to protest despite the frustration, knowing that he would be kicked out if he protested against the results of the video review. 토스카지노

Samsung only followed one point with a sacrifice fly from 1st and 3rd base. After two outs in the ninth inning, Kim Ji-chan’s solo homer made up for one more run, but lost 4-7.

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