Diet management at the age of 37… 3.4 billion undervalued FA, great re-challenge “You have to hear ‘You’re still doing well'”

“I have to hear that ‘Jeon Jun-woo is still doing well’.”

Four years ago, Jeon Jun-woo (37) earned his first free agent (FA) status in his debut. At that time, Jeon Jun-woo was the best right-handed hitter in the league. In 2019, which was his free agent season, he recorded a batting average of 3.1, 164 hits, 22 home runs, and 83 RBIs with an OPS of .839. A right-handed outfielder with both contact and power was a rarity in the free agent market.

However, the FA market has cooled down. All of them tried to fill the power gap in other ways such as training, trade, and foreigners, and unless they were ‘special A’ players, they did not open their wallets. It is true that Jeon Jun-woo is a class A hitter, but there was a question mark as to whether it was a popular sale in the market. In the end, his price did not rise in the uncompetitive market. Jeon Jun-woo signed a contract worth 3.4 billion won for 4 years.

In the end, Oh Ji-hwan (remaining at LG for 4 billion won for 4 years) and An Chi-hong (transferring to Lotte for up to 5.6 billion won for 2+2 years), who came out together in the market at the time, became representative players of ‘undervalued sale’ by stamping the price far below the expected price. .

Now, 3 out of 4 years of Jeon Jun-woo’s FA contract have passed. Although it was a rather disappointing contract, Jeon Jun-woo showed his professional attitude. It is not an exaggeration to say that he performed more than his contract amount. During his three seasons, he posted a batting average of . 835 with 492 hits, 44 home runs and 256 RBIs with a . Although his slugging power seems to have declined a bit, he can hit double-digit home runs and has the ability to make precise contact. During this period, the stats WAR (contribution to victory over substitutes) was 11.10 and wRC+ (adjusted scoring production) was 125.7, recording top-level results in the league. He also recorded 120 batting averages, 3.4 runs, 143 hits, 11 home runs, 68 RBIs, and 73 runs in 120 games last season, with an OPS of .795. It was regrettable that he could not play the full-time season due to a calf injury last year. However, during the time he was standing on the ground, Jeon Jun-woo was a hitter who felt fear in the league as well as Lotte. 안전놀이터

Jeon Jun-woo, who became a ‘preliminary free agent’ again this year. Forgetting the regret of his last FA contract, he challenges the FA jackpot again. Immediately, the fact that he missed about 20 games due to an injury last year served as an opportunity to pay more attention to his body care.

He said, “I played more than 140 games in the previous 5 years. The average was 142 games. But last year, I missed a lot of games, so I thought a lot about taking care of my body.” But I didn’t lose weight. So this time I only ate chicken breasts, but I lost weight quickly. I felt that my body was a little lighter.”

He is already in his late 30s and is the most senior member of the team. I took care of my body better than anyone else, but now I am more thorough than others. He said, “I’ve been doing a lot of systematic management since I came back from the military. I used to do it moderately, but now I seem to be exercising more.” I think my athletic ability can come out better than in previous years if I do this. Since there are many players who eat or take care of themselves, I thought that the life of the players would increase and my value would not decrease, so I prepared a lot. ” confirmed that it leads to

As much as I take care of my body like this in my late 30s, I have a strong desire to forget the regrets of the last FA contract. Jeon Jun-woo ate his heart.
“I forgot about the previous FA contract. I will spend a season in good health this year and do better this year so that I can be heard saying, ‘Jun Jun-woo is still doing well’, so I will prepare well and do well without any regrets,

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