Entering the game, he turned into a beast… ‘153km’ Hanwha super rookie, everyone was surprised by the special mentality

In the practice match between Hanwha and SSG held at Kochida Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on the 3rd, a player focused everyone’s attention. It was Kim Seo-hyun (19), a right-hander who wore a Hanwha uniform with the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft.

However, prior to Kim Seo-hyun pitching, the expectations of Hanwha officials were unexpectedly simple (?). He said his previous bullpen pitching was not very good. A commentator at a broadcasting company who watched the bullpen pitching tilted his head, saying, “The ball flew too much that day.” The ball was fast, but the target was not constant. Sohn Hyuk, general manager of Hanwha, also acknowledged it meekly. He confessed that he also thought that it would not be easy to start the first team for the time being if this situation continues.

However, it was different once he entered the game. Seohyun Kim threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 153km per hour that day, blocked the SSG lineup, and finished the first inning with ease. He didn’t have many breaking pitches, but he actually hit opponent batters with force. He reached an average speed of 152 km.

General manager Sohn, who saw Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching, also said, “It was good in the game,” and said, “With this much strength, I can entrust one inning.” The team’s veteran pitcher, Jung Woo-ram, also explained his impressions, saying, “I thought it was a pitcher for the game.” SSG officials also said, “The fastball is good.”

There are many players who throw well from the bullpen and raise expectations, but when they enter the game, they cannot throw their own ball. Even if you throw well in the 2nd team, there are many players who do not come out if the mound in the 1st team goes up. “You have to go into the game and throw it.”

However, Kim Seo-hyun so far is the opposite. In addition to the advantage of being able to throw a powerful ball, this is a part where you can get a glimpse of strength in the mental aspect. Mental is also an area of ​​talent. Kim Seo-hyun also said after the match, “I thought I would be nervous because it was my first professional match, but I was not nervous when I got on the mound.”

He continues to throw a good ball, and now it’s time to prove it in real life. He is showing little by little that he can throw his ball while fiercely attacking the strike zone without avoiding it even if he plays with seniors in the first team. 카지노사이트

A breaking ball that is less complete than a fastball should be supplemented. but still a rookie There is a lot of time ahead. Hanwha is also willing to wait for this special talent to protect the team’s back door in the future. There are many barriers to pass through practice games, demonstration games, and the regular season, but the first start is not bad.

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