Eredia’s Return to Success…SSG Express Conditioning System

“I watched with great anxiety. “I’m glad you came back healthy.”

Park Chang-min (47), SSG head conditioning 먹튀검증 coach, had a hard time sleeping at night until recently. This is because SSG’s foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia (32) recently returned from injury. Heredia suffered a left thigh injury in the last four days. He was diagnosed at the time that it would take at least four weeks for him to recover and six weeks for him to return to the first team. Heredia is SSG’s key hitter. Until his injury, Heredia played a role as a problem solver in SSG’s main batting lineup, competing for the league’s batting title. SSG, without its main hitter, suffered from a lack of scoring power until recently, and lost its firmly held second place position to KT.

SSG could not afford to wait until 6 weeks. The gap with LG in first place has widened, but KT in second place is within reach. So, we launched a customized project for Heredia’s early return. Usually, when an injury occurs at SSG, rehabilitation is carried out in Ganghwa, Incheon. But Ganghwa was an unfamiliar place for Heredia. Heredia has not been dropped to the second team once since his arrival in the country. At the player’s request, SSG had him rehabilitate at SSG Landers Field, which is used by the first team, for a psychologically comfortable and more efficient return.

Here, Coach Park, who is in charge of the conditioning department, was assigned to provide special management. Coach Park is demonstrating outstanding skills in player management in the KBO League. Accordingly, Coach Park did not travel with the first team during the regional expedition, but only focused on Heredia in Incheon. Coach Park set aside 4 weeks for his return and planned checkups every 2 weeks and adjustment of training volume. He spent at least 12 hours with Heredia between the time he arrived at work and the time he left work.

It worked. Heredia joined the team two weeks earlier than originally expected. In fact, the player himself gritted his teeth for an early return. He worked consistently on his injured thigh and upper body. That’s why he was able to play tee batting right away as his thigh injury got better. His injured area recovered quickly, and on the 29th, he was named to the first team. SSG director Kim Won-hyung also welcomed it. Manager Kim said, “It has definitely become easier to make a lineup,” and “The return of Heredia, a hitter who can definitely hit and solve it, seems to be a great help to the team. “Players with a high batting average usually have a good eye (eyeball vision), so they also have a high on-base percentage,” he said.

Heredia hit a hard hit with 6 hits and 3 RBIs at Kiwoom in Incheon on the 30th and 31st. In his first game after returning on the 30th, he scored RBIs in every match, and a bright smile spread on Coach Park’s face whenever his bat turned fiercely. Coach Park said, “Rather than my role, the player himself was more determined to return as quickly as possible. “I’m glad he came back, wasn’t sick, and even performed well,” he said with a bright smile.

It is not yet safe. This is because the injured area may deteriorate at any time. Coach Park said, “Now it’s important to not get hurt again and not have it happen again. “I will manage it with more care,” he pledged.

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