‘Erosion of sluggishness in one game’ Kim Min-jae, blade cross → No. 2 help → highest rated MOM… Napoli beat Lecce 2-1 ‘one step closer to victory’

The iron pillar has returned. Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) overcame the controversy over his sluggish performance in one game and received the highest rating. He showed off his presence by contributing to the team’s first goal with a sharp cross.

Napoli defeated Lecce 2-1 in the 29th round of the ‘2022-23 season Italian Serie A’ held in Lecce Via del Mare, Italy on the 8th (Korean time). In this game, 3 points were added, and they were getting closer to winning the league after 33 years.

Kim Min-jae was paired with Rahmani and started. He kept the four back with a stable defense. After showing a solid ‘iron pillar’ appearance, he earned help for season 2 with active attacks. In the 18th minute of the first half, he dug into the right flank and put a cross into the box, and Di Lorenzo, who was rushing through, shook the net with a header.

Napoli took the lead in the first half and unraveled the game. However, Lecce’s counterattack began in the second half. In the 7th minute of the second half, Di Francesco shook the Napoli net with his right foot and turned the game around. After the equaliser, Lecce increased the attacking tempo and put pressure on Napoli.

It was a tight game, but luck smiled at Napoli. Lecce scored an own goal in the 18th minute of the second half. Gallo tried to deliver it to Falcone with a knee, but he couldn’t catch it and was sucked into the net. Napoli tried to put a wedge into a lucky own goal by putting in Ndombele.

Lecce tried to turn the atmosphere around with set pieces such as free kicks. In Napoli, Simeone complained of thigh pain in the 38th minute of the second half, and Politano was hurriedly put in. Lecce tried to score until the last minute, but the match ended with Napoli’s victory. 먹튀검증

Napoli recovered from a 0-4 loss to AC Milan with a win against Lecce. Kim Min-jae received the highest rating with a score of 8.2 on the soccer statistics website ‘WhoScored.com’. Di Lorenzo, who finished with Kim Min-jae’s help, was next with 7.7 points.

With the victory over Lecce, only 4 wins out of 9 remaining league games were added to win the Italian Serie A. First of all, since the atmosphere has rebounded, we will focus on the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

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