‘Forget Puig’ Russell, ‘Pulp’ in the KBO… MLB return after the season ‘Sunny’

Edison Russell (Kiwoom Heroes) played a big role when the Major League Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It was the ‘future’ of the Cubs.

However, it went downhill as he was suspended for 40 games for personal disgrace.

He tried to return to MLB when he joined Kiwoom in 2020, but failed to renew his contract with Kiwoom, let alone return to MLB due to poor performance.

After that, he moved around the Mexican League and tried to return to the big leagues, but it was not possible.

At this time, Kiwoom, who failed to renew the contract with Yasiel Puig, reached out to Russell again. Russell readily joined hands with Kiwoom.

“There’s still business to be done,” said Russell. It was that he would aim for his big league comeback after making up for his failure in the KBO.

So, Russell, who returned to Korea, is showing a 180 degree different performance from 2020.

It’s still early days, but Russell’s performance is so splendid that it can’t be compared to Puig’s. Puig had a hard time adjusting to the KBO league in the early days.

Russell hit .358 with two homers and 20 RBIs in 18 games. OPS is 0.918.

In the match against kt wiz on the 26th, he showed off his superpower by racking up 6 RBIs with 3 hits including a home run and a double. He feels fully adapted to the KBO league.

If Russell continues to produce the same results as he has now, the possibility of returning to the big leagues after the season is expected to increase. He has big league experience and is still 29 years old, so it is expected that not a few teams will show interest in him. 스포츠토토

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