Gasworks postpones team training start date from June 1 to 7

Daegu KOGAS, which finished ninth last season, has pushed back the start date of team training from June 1 to June 7.

The team wrapped up the 2022-2023 regular season on March 29.

According to KBL rules, all teams must take a 60-day break from the end of the previous season before they can begin team training for the upcoming season. Instead of May 29, GAS set June 1 as the start date for training.

However, according to a GASCO official, the team postponed the start of training from the first to the seventh of next month due to supervision issues.

GASCO wants to terminate the contracts of general manager Shin Hyun-woo, head coach Lee Min-hyung, and coach Yoo Yoo-hoon, who have one year left on their current contracts.

However, the cost of terminating their contracts is making it difficult for them to do so. If they are dismissed even though they still have a year left on their contracts, they will have to pay all or part of their remaining salaries.

The GASCO has pushed back the time when it said it would make a final decision on the supervision issue from early May to mid-May, and now to the end of May.

Until mid-May, the company was leaning toward not keeping Yoo Yoo-hoon, but recently there have been reports that Yoo Yoo-hoon may be able to fulfill his contract. 메이저사이트

The official position of GASCO is that nothing has been decided yet.

After failing to resolve the issue of Yoo’s residence, GASCO pushed back the scheduled start of training by about a week.

June 7 is the same day that Jeonju KCC, who were eliminated in the sixth round playoffs, will begin training. GASCO is expected to start training around the same time as the team that ended its season in the sixth-place playoffs.

Again, this is a tentative schedule and can be pushed back and forth at any time.

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