‘Glass body’ sale, really different this year?…”I owe it to my colleagues and fans”

Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox), once one of the best left-handed pitchers in the league, is preparing for a revival.

Sale participated in the Boston club event on the 22nd (Korean time) and met with reporters and fans. He said, “My body is back to normal. He owes a lot to his teammates, and he owes a lot to his fans. He said he will start the season right.”

His bad luck began at the end of the 2019 season. Due to Tommy John surgery and a stress fracture in the ribcage, he was unable to play in the game, and has only appeared in 11 games over the past three years. He seemed to finally be on the mound last year, but suffered from various injuries, including a fractured little finger and a fractured wrist while riding a bicycle.

Will this year be different? Sale seems likely to join the Opening Day roster so far. Of course, the opening day starter will be chosen by head coach Alex Cora, but the mere fact that he joins the roster seems to be a huge boost.

“I want to stay away from bikes and bad luck,” Sale laughs. “I wanted to be a major league player since I was three years old. However, injuries have robbed him of this dream for a long time. It was really hard, and it was hard to go through that.”

먹튀검증 “The opportunity has finally come,” he said. I am in the best shape and position in recent years. I am excited about spring camp after a long time. It’s like getting your childhood toys back. I want to play with it again,” he concluded the interview.

Meanwhile, starting with Sale, Boston’s starting lineup is expected to consist of Nick Pivetta, Corey Kluber, Garrett Whitlock, Brian Bello, James Paxton and Josh Winkowski. The bullpen is expected to be closed by Kenley Jansen, Chris Martin, John Shriver and Tanner Hook.

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