Goku-Seju-by nerf, can MSI ship carnivore jungle see?

In the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which begins on the 2nd, it is expected that we will be able to see a jungle champion different from the playoffs. In particular, the possibility of using aggressive champions such as Nidalee and Khazix draws attention.

Based on patch 13.5, when most leagues participating in MSI made playoffs, the most used jungle champions were Bai, Wukong, and Sejuana. Only three champions have been able to traverse the jungle of the pro scene with a pick-and-ban rate of over 60%.

All three champions were nerfed in MSI patch 13.8. In the case of Sejuani, it became difficult to use as the damage of her passive, which greatly affects jungler speed, decreased and the cooldown of her main skills increased. The additional attack speed of Ohgongdo’s e skill, ‘Deep Attack’, was cut, and the jungling speed decreased. At least, Vi is less nerfed than the previous two champions, but when Vi is also equipped with a tank item, her damage is reduced and it is difficult to exert as much power as before.

Kha’Zix and Nidalee are the carnivorous champions who have been nominated to fill the position. These two champions have not been used well in the pro league for quite a long time because they have little CC and prefer aggressive item builds and are weak in stability. However, in the recent patch, these two champions were evaluated as having good performance as their defense and skill activation range were increased. In fact, the indicator at the top of the solo rank, Master or higher, proves this. Kha’Zix was ranked 19th in pick rate in patch 13.5, but rose to 2nd in pick rate in patch 13.8. Nidalee also showed decent indicators, ranking 5th in pick rate and 4th in win rate as of patch 13.8.

Professional players also paid attention to the aggressive champion. G2’s jungler, Martin ‘Yake’ Sundelin, said in an interview, “I think we’ll be able to use more carry-type champs now.” In addition, many pro players could be found practicing various champions in the solo queue.

The fact that it is a meta with a lot of champions that can be made in mid-game also makes us look forward to using an aggressive jungler. This is because it can make up for the disadvantage of an aggressive champion that lacks CC. Champions such as Lissandra, Ari, and Xante showed good performance during the playoffs, and are expected to be prioritized for bans and picks without being significantly nerfed.

Of course, due to the nature of the pro league that prefers stability, there is a possibility that existing tank-type jungle champions such as Bai and Maokai will be preferred. However, in a game where there is a difference in power between teams, the expectation that an aggressive champion will be used even as a ‘joker pick’ is also well-founded. Attention is focusing on whether we can see the world’s top junglers creating variables in the jungle as aggressive champions 크크크벳.

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