‘Goodbye Superman’ tearful retirement ceremony…Park Joo-ho ends ’16 years of active service’

It’s sports news: “Superman” Park Joo-ho has called it quits after 16 years as a professional athlete. He shed hot tears in front of his three children and countless fans.

Reporter Oh Sun-min reported.


[Lim Young-hoon/Suwon FC fan: He was a player who always played with great determination and contributed to the team].

[Uhm Jin-ho/Suwon FC fan: Whenever I see him play like that, which is an example for others, I wonder why such a veteran player should be in the team…]

Fans are sad to see Park Joo-ho go.

[Kim Sun-koo/ Suwon FC fan : Go Park Joo-ho!]

After making his professional debut in the Japanese J-League, Park Ju-ho played for Basel and Mainz before joining Bundesliga giants Dortmund in 2015.

He made a strong impression with a goal on his debut, but a combination of injuries and inconsistency prevented him from playing many games and he returned to Korea in 2017.

[Park Joo-ho/Suwon FC: Am I a failed player because I came back to the K League? I think I’m just continuing the process].

After playing 126 games in five years, Park announced his retirement.

< Suwon FC 1:3 Ulsan Hyundai|K League > 메이저사이트

The final game was a matchup between two of his former teams, Suwon FC and Ulsan Hyundai.

Park started the game with congratulations from his teammates and family, who wore jerseys with his face on them, and threatened the opposing goal with sharp crosses.

Suwon took the lead in the first half through a goal by Yoon Beom-garam, but conceded three goals in the second half to lose to Ulsan.

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