‘Heechul Magic’… Seoul SK advances to the championship for 2 consecutive years

Seoul SK, a professional basketball team led by coach Jeon Hee-cheol, has confirmed its advance to the championship match for the second year in a row. Changwon LG’s spring basketball was ended early by organizing a 3-game shutout from the 6th round to the 4th round playoff (PO).

On the 18th, SK defeated LG 85-84 at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul and advanced to the championship match with a total of 3 wins and no losses in the semifinal PO. 6 consecutive wins in the playoffs this year, and 15 consecutive wins from the 6th round of the regular league.

The early momentum was dominated by SK. Thanks to the performance of Jameel Warney, who exploded 15 points alone, the first quarter ended with a double score of 30 to 14. LG faced bad news as Kim Joon-il left the court 27 seconds after the start of the game due to an injury. A bigger problem was the absence of Asem Marey. New foreigner Reggie Perry’s shot missed the stretch rim. A loose pass and defense led to a few points. 토토사이트

However, LG, driven to the precipice, did not stand still. The performance revived when Dante Cunningham was put in instead of Perry, who only scored one point in the first quarter. Starting with Lee Jae-do, Jeong Hee-jae and Lee Kwan-hee started the attack. Justin Gutang also contributed with energetic movements both inside and outside. LG, which was gradually narrowing the score, reduced the score to 1 point with about 20 seconds left at the end of the 4th quarter.

The composure of the veterans shone in a situation where a mistake or foul could immediately turn the game around. Kim Seon-hyung, who took over the ball from the SK court, passed the ball around with Choi Bu-kyung to safely pass the remaining time, and threw the ball high into the air just before the end.

In SK, the duo of Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney jointly scored 48 points. Heo Il-yeong and Choi Seong-won also led the victory by making a total of five 3-pointers. In LG, Lee Jae-do struggled with 24 points, but was defeated.

Former SK coach continued his extreme appearance by winning 13 out of 14 playoff games. SK will meet on the 25th with the PO winner of the quarterfinals between Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Goyang Carrot.

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