‘He’s a person with compassion’… Beat the 10 to 1 competition

Christian Eriksen (Manchester United) collapsed on the 29th.

Eriksen suffered an ankle injury in the FA Cup round of 32 against Reading. He is the key midfielder leading Manchester United’s rise this season. It was a long-term injury that could not return to the ground until April or May at the latest.

Manchester United, which had no plans to sign a midfielder, had to urgently find a replacement for Eriksen. This is because the winter transfer window is only two days away.

In this situation, Manchester United has activated an urgent transfer project. According to the US’ ESPN, United have collected as many players as they can in a short amount of time.

Manchester United spent a lot last summer and can’t afford to spend much this winter. Because of this, I focused on leasing and eventually selected a total of 10 players. Manchester United sent a list of 10 players to Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag, who quickly picked one player. 바카라

That was Bayern Munich midfielder Marcel Sabitzer. Man Utd moved aggressively, and Sabitzer moved aggressively, so he was able to stamp the transfer market deadline. On the 1st, Man Utd officially announced the loan signing of Xavicher. Xavicher broke through the competition rate of 10:1.

Sabitzer said: “From the moment I heard about this opportunity, I knew I was right for me. I am a competitive player. I want to help the club reach its goals by winning this season. I feel I am in my prime. “It will give me experience and energy. I’m excited to show my competitiveness to Manchester United fans as well.”

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