‘Holland and Pep are coming to Korea!’ Man City Tour ‘Confirmed’… Promotion of Lotte Tower Light Show

England’s prestigious soccer team, Manchester City, is coming to Korea this summer.

On the 18th, an official from the soccer world told ‘My Daily’, “Man City’s pre-season Korean tour has been confirmed. He hinted that all of Manchester City’s key players, including manager Pep Guardiola, Elling Holland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Jack Grealish, will all come to Korea to hold friendly matches and events.”

Man City is ‘sincere’ to the Korean tour. Several Korean tours have already been promoted from several years ago, but they were canceled due to unexpected variables. As we have worked hard for a long time, we plan to properly tour Korea this time.

The scale is also different. We are also preparing a project to engrave Man City phrases with lights on the wall of Lotte World Tower (555m), the tallest building in Korea located in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Man City is at the stage of coordinating administrative procedures with Seoul Metropolitan City. An official added, “Man City wants an event on a different level from the events of European teams that have visited Korea before.”

The timing is also right. Man City, which is lined with the world’s best players, used to call its players to the FIFA World Cup, Euro, or Copa America every summer. However, there are no World Cup, Euro and Copa America dates this summer. Therefore, as long as there are no injuries or transfer issues, all of Manchester City’s key players will board the plane to Korea.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) Nations League semi-finals and final schedule remain. The Nations League semifinals will be held on the 15th and 16th of June, and the final will be held on the 19th. The quarter-finals of the Nations League are Netherlands-Croatia and Spain-Italy.

Even this does not overlap with Man City’s Korean tour. The Korean tour schedule promoted by Man City is the end of July. This is a period in which neither the K-League nor the A-match schedule is scheduled. It is also easy to rent a stadium. An official from Manchester City has already completed a tour of the stadium in Korea. The final schedule is being set up with another European team to face off against. Before and after the Korean tour, a Japanese tour schedule is also being planned.

Depending on the final performance of the 2022-23 season, the English Premier League (EPL) championship cup or the UEFA Champions League championship cup may be brought. Manchester City are currently in second place in the Premier League, and the Champions League is highly likely to advance to the semi-finals.

Manchester City had already entered Korea in early November of last year with the ‘genuine’ championship cup in the Premier League. The official name of the event was ‘Man City Trophy Tour’. Man City legend Sean Wright Phillips entered Korea with the trophy and met Man City fans in Korea. For reference, when Manchester United visited Korea in 2007, they appeared at the Seoul World Cup Stadium holding the Premier League championship cup. 스포츠토토

Man City is a team that has shown a special affection for Korea from before. Early on, the Korean website and social media (SNS) were operated separately. In addition, messages were left in Korean on major anniversaries such as cheering for the college entrance exam, March 1st, and Liberation Day. Athletes stood in front of the camera and shouted “Pray for a great success in the CSAT” in Korean. Now I have the opportunity to directly communicate with my fans in Korea.

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