“I look forward to the potential”… Celtic manager happy with signing Oh Hyun-kyu

Postecoglu, head coach of the prestigious Celtic in Scotland, expressed his anticipation for Oh Hyun-kyu.

Celtic announced the signing of Oh Hyun-kyu on the 25th (Korean time). Oh Hyun-kyu’s contract with Celtic is for five years. Oh Hyun-kyu was assigned the number 19 uniform at Celtic. Oh Hyun-gyu is the third Korean player to play for Celtic, following Ki Sung-yong and Cha Doo-ri.

On the 25th, Celtic coach Postecoglu told Celtic TV how he felt about Oh Hyun-kyu. Coach Postecoglu said, “I’m really happy. Hyun-kyu Oh has been a player who has confirmed his skills for a long time.” “Recruiting Hyun-kyu Oh is a great thing. He is a player with excellent action, passionately doing his best and loving scoring.”

He also mentioned the fact that Oh Hyun-gyu scored a dramatic winning goal just before the end of the second half in the second leg of the K-League promotion playoff last year, saying, “Oh Hyun-gyu is a young player who is now 21 years old. His goals last year saved his team.” 스포츠토토

Postecoglu coached the Australian national team for five years from 2013, and is familiar with Asian and Korean soccer, having coached Melbourne Victory (Australia) and Yokohama FA Marinos (Japan). Coach Postecoglu said, “I have a lot of experience playing against Korean teams in the national team and club. There are similarities with Scotland, but it is a country with top-notch players. Korea is always a place that produces great talent.” He also mentioned that Oh Hyun-gyu completed his military service at Sangmu and said, “Oh Hyun-gyu fulfilled his military service at a young age and he will be a very good player for us.”

Oh Hyun-kyu scored 13 goals in 35 appearances for Suwon last season and began to prove his skills on the professional stage as well. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he joined the national team as a reserve list and participated in the World Cup round of 16. Celtic, who recruited Oh Hyun-kyu, is a prestigious club that has won the Scottish Championship 52 times in total, and has also won the UEFA Champions League once.

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