“I’m going to America” ​​I was confident… Why did the KBO super ace become a minor leaguer?

After the 2021 season ended, SSG had difficulty renewing the contract of foreign pitcher Wilmer Font (33‧ San Diego). Guwi was acknowledged by everyone. However, due to injuries and poor inning digestion, he only managed to digest 145⅔ innings. So it was difficult for him to raise his salary drastically. He also had to think about equity with other players.

The font also wanted to remain in Korea under tolerable conditions. However, the agency that had to raise the ransom price of the font had to be different. Under his tolerable condition, he shook his head. The aspect of contacting major league clubs was also clearly read. In the end, it was SSG who raised the white flag. The contract was renewed for a total of $1.5 million, up 50%. Out of the $1.5 million, $200,000 of the incentive was bet on innings.메이저사이트

The captains of other clubs expressed their dissatisfaction mixed with jokes, saying, “What if we give so much to the font?” First of all, the font has done well enough to be worth 1.5 million dollars. He pitched 184 innings in 28 games for the season, posting a 13-6 record with an earned run average of 2.69. The combination of a powerful fastball that exceeds 150 km/h and a curve that drops from a high RBI was a masterpiece.

SSG again offered to renew the contract with Font, the main player in the combined championship. However, this time, he had no choice but to find another player as Font announced from the beginning that he would “go to the United States.” From anyone’s point of view, there was a high probability of going to the real United States, and as SSG, it was impossible to take a risk on the few hopes of remaining. Until his departure, Font said to close club officials, “There are a lot of teams that come in contact.”

After a while, Font did not contact SSG again. SSG also neatly abandoned its lingering feelings this year, citing that Font’s shoulder showed symptoms more than a few times. It was because there were obviously concerns that she could become the ‘second Miranda’. His personality wasn’t lively either. However, as the font was unable to sign a contract until 2022, interest in its future was focused. With SSG already closed after signing Kirk McCarty and Eni Romero, Font had nowhere to return to the KBO League.

Eventually, Font signed a minor league contract with San Diego on the 6th (Korean time). It was a big departure from the expectation that the major league guarantee contract for 1-2 years would be signed. Although the exact conditions have not been revealed, it seems likely that the order of receiving an invitation to spring training and receiving a guaranteed amount of money once aboard the major leagues is likely. As for the font, it is an opportunity to be the last American challenge, but the opportunity is not solid.

Concerns became reality. There were rumors from the beginning of the season that the fonts preferred American rather than Japanese. However, some pitching coaches said, “It will be difficult to use as a starter in the United States because the pitch type is monotonous. If it is a bullpen, it may be better to remain in Korea.” As a result, it turned out that no team in the United States saw Font as a guaranteed starter. San Diego also has a somewhat full starting rotation, and there is a high possibility that Font will be seen as a replacement starter or swingman.

메이저사이트 Although it was not a major injury, there was no way that the major league clubs did not know that there were many cases where he had to drop out due to a shoulder problem for the past two years. There is a view that this problem may have affected the devaluation. However, Font has always dreamed of returning to the United States. He didn’t do well at the start, but he got back on the starting line anyway. The reservation right is with SSG, and considering the age, the font should come to SSG when returning to Korea later.

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