“I’m sorry bro”… Return to Doosan → My brother’s trip to NC, my heart was heavy even with the 15.2 billion jackpot

Eui-ji Yang (36) returned home to Doosan in a splendid way, breaking the KBO’s highest free agency record. However, he could not enjoy the joy of returning. This is because his close brother Park Se-hyuk, who wanted to remain in Doosan through his transfer, moved to NC.

Yang Eui-ji conveyed his heartfelt feelings toward Park Se-hyuk (33), who transferred to NC as a free agent at the Doosan joining ceremony held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 11th.

In this Stove League, Doosan’s main catcher Park Se-hyeok obtained FA status, but in order to strengthen his power more clearly, he focused all his efforts on recruiting Yang Eui-ji, who was the biggest catcher. Park Se-hyeok was also the catcher who led the overall championship in the 2019 season, but negotiations were pushed to the lower priority after experiencing sluggishness for the last three consecutive seasons. 안전놀이터

Doosan finally recruited Yang Eui-ji on November 22 last year, after reaching owner Park Jeong-won, for a maximum of 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years. It was a return after 4 years since leaving for NC in December 2018 for 4 years and 12.5 billion won. At the same time, NC, which lost its main catcher due to Yang Eui-ji’s departure, filled the void two days later by embracing Park Se-hyuk, who remained in the market, for a total of 4.6 billion won over four years.

Yang Eui-ji said, “I had a lot of trouble with Choi Jae-hoon, Kim Jae-hwan, and Park Se-hyuk in Doosan as a child, but I had a heart that everyone was doing well and now only (Park) Se-hyuk would do well.” went to He had a heavy heart because he knew that Sehyuk also had a great desire to remain at Doosan,” he explained why he could not laugh even with the 15.2 billion jackpot contract.

Yang Eui-ji contacted Park Se-hyuk directly after transferring to Doosan and conveyed his apology. In a way, it can be common in the world of pros, but I felt guilty because I had so much affection for his younger brother. Fortunately, his brother, who was contacted, responded to his brother’s apology by saying, “Let’s work hard together from now on” and lightened his brother’s heart.

Yang Eui-ji said, “(Park) Se-hyuk told me to work hard together, so I was able to go to Doosan comfortably as his older brother. I also congratulated Sehyuk on his transfer and applauded him.” “Sehyuk is still young. He expressed his sincerity toward Park Se-hyuk, saying, “I hope he gets a larger amount by signing his second free agent contract after the four-year contract ends.” 

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