“I’m the youngest, but I’m the youngest…” Is there only Moon Dong-ju in Hanwha, the desire to compete burns

Moon Dong-ju (20) is by far the best star of Hanwha, which is holding a spring camp in Arizona, USA. Moon Dong-ju, who showed the qualities of a super prospect last year by throwing up to 158km of fastball, shot up to 156km with a speed gun in his first actual appearance against the Dutch World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team on the 20th (hereafter Korean time).

Until the second inning, he gave up only one walk, but had five out counts, including two strikeouts, and kept the scoreless. Didi Gregorius, a giant with 134 homers in the major leagues, also struck out on a swing by Moon Dong-ju’s high fastball in the first inning. “He was one of the toughest pitchers I’ve faced so far. Gregorius also praised Moon Dong-ju, saying, “An incredibly good pitcher.” 토토사이트

All eyes were on Moon Dong-ju, but pitcher Nam Ji-min (22), who came out next, also fought hard. He allowed 1 hit and 1 walk in 2 innings, but with 23 balls he quickly cleaned up 2 innings. Pitcher Jung Woo-ram, who watched the game for 20 years, also said, “It seems that the Dutch batters are embarrassed because two of our young pitchers hit more than 150 km.”

On this day, Nam Ji-min threw 16 out of a total of 23 pitches with fastballs. Although there was no ball over 150 km as Jung Woo-ram said, the highest was 148 km and the average was 145 km, although not as fast as Moon Dong-ju, it was powerful. He added 6 sliders and 1 two-seam fastball.

Nam Ji-min is usually paired with Moon Dong-ju in this spring camp, and they are practicing and fielding together. In the first bullpen pitching on the 4th, when Moon Dong-joo threw a fastball, Nam Ji-min said, “I am the youngest,” and did not want to lose, so he over-faced.

From Dong-ju Moon to Seo-hyeon Kim, the number of fastballs thrown over 155 km in Hanwha has increased. Nam Ji-min, who was measured up to 153 km last year, said, “I have a strong desire to compete, so I can’t watch it. Admitting that I was slightly over-paced,” he said, “I don’t think that my fastball is lagging behind. The catcher hyungs also say that the kicking power is good. There is pride in direct purchase,” he said.

All attention is focused on Moon Dong-ju, but Nam Ji-min is also a key Hanwha young gun, nominated as the 8th overall in the 1st round of 2020. In his first year with the club, he underwent rehabilitation for a year due to elbow ligament splicing and bone fragment removal surgery, and from the end of April last year, he had a chance to start the first team. In mid-September, management ended the season a little early, but this year, he is aiming for a full-time start.

Nam Ji-min said, “I was able to learn how to establish a routine while training with senior Jang Min-jae in Gangjin during the off-season. He threw a splitter as a breaking ball, but a forkball with his fingers wide apart was better than that. He is practicing two-seamdo and trying everything I want to try. He explained, “If you show a ball other than a fastball once in a while, batters will also be confused.”

Last year’s experience of ups and downs as a starter is also going to be nourished. Nam Ji-min said, “I felt a lot of regret in running the game. There were many matches where I collapsed alone, but this year, even if I score points, I try to reduce unnecessary walks as much as possible at a fast tempo. A lot of new pitchers came in, but the competition continued. I am working hard thinking that there is no place for me. I want to pitch as many innings as possible as a starter without getting sick. By wrapping up last year’s season a little early, I was able to prepare early for this year. I am confident because I have a good body.

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