In the place of Oh Hyun-gyu’s departure, Mulich, ‘risk + fan dissatisfaction’ remains

The key for Suwon this season is to fill the void with Oh Hyun-gyu (22, Celtic). On the 25th, Suwon officially announced the transfer of Oh Hyun-kyu to Celtic. Initially, Suwon was in a position to protect Oh Hyun-gyu, who scored 13 goals last season and ranked first in the team. However, the player strongly wanted a challenge, and the transfer was completed as Celtic continued to raise the transfer fee.

The transfer fee revealed by Suwon is 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won). It is unfortunate that the key striker left, but it was possible to find a new striker by securing funds. Suwon is looking for both domestic and foreign players and said, “We will bring in strikers who will not feel a vacancy.” Ahn Byeong-jun (32) was the only striker resource in the team, so recruiting was essential.

Finally, Suwon found a replacement for Oh Hyun-kyu and recruited Seongnam FC’s Facial Mulich (28). On the 7th, Suwon said, “Mulich, the tallest striker in the K-League, entered Big Bird wearing a Suwon uniform for the 2023 season. He has a 2+1 year contract and wears the number 44 shirt.”

Mulich stepped on the K-League stage for the first time wearing a Seongnam uniform for the 2021 season. He is a striker who boasts a tremendous height at 203 cm. But it’s not a universal style that makes use of his height. Mulich scores goals with his speed and ball-handling skills for his height. In his first season he scored 13 goals and last year he scored 9 goals. 카지노사이트

The reason why Suwon chose Mulich is because of the ‘K-League experience’. Coach Lee Byeong-geun said, “He prefers players who fit well into the team and have experience in the K-League.” Mulich is already in his third season in the K-League, so there is no need to worry about adapting to the league.

Suwon has repeated the ‘external nightmare’ in recent seasons. Last season, he signed Groening, the Danish second division top scorer. He expected to solve the frontline problem, but it was the worst. Groning had his contract terminated midway through the season after failing to score a single goal in 14 league matches. Foreigners of failure appeared every year, such as Nicolao in the 2021 season and Krupichi in the 2020 season. Accordingly, the route was set by recruiting a proven striker in the K-League.

But Mulich has another variable. He didn’t perform well in the previous season. His scoring has declined, but his impact on the game is different from his first year. He was on the verge of transferring to Jeju United midway through the season. Compared to Oh Hyun-kyu’s performance, there is a clear difference.

The reason I couldn’t improve my condition in the beginning was because of Ramadan. Mulich is a Muslim and fasts during the daylight hours during the month of September in the Islamic calendar. As the Ramadan period continued for about 30 days from last April, Mulich was unable to make a perfect physical condition, and Seongnam also had difficulties during that time.

This is why Suwon fans are not happy with the recruitment official. The concerns of football officials were the same. The official said, “Recruiting Mulich is a choice to reduce the risk caused by failures so far. It is the same meaning that Suwon contacted Kim Shin-wook (34, Kitch SC) and Stefan Mugosa (30, Vissel Kobe), who were talking about returning to the K-League. “I had to make a decision as the season opener approached.”

“It is true that I am worried when I look at Mulich’s performance last season. The race for rankings could become even tougher if Mulich doesn’t regain his former form. Also, given the performance of Oh Hyun-gyu and the transfer fee he gave to Suwon, it is natural for Suwon fans to be dissatisfied with the recruitment of Mulich,” he said, citing anxiety.

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