“It’s a 100-year-old era, so what if you play until you’re 45?”

When I held the trophy and actually felt the physical properties, it was heavier and colder than expected. Professional volleyball MVP player Han (38, Korean Air, photo), who appeared at the filming site of MBN’s ‘Sportsya’ with only two MVP trophies, said, “I was so happy that the team won, so I thought I wasn’t greedy for individual awards, but it felt good to receive it. “He smiled shyly.

I said it humbly, but that’s how much Han player’s season was great. Korean Air, led by Han, won the regular league and the championship match for three consecutive seasons, achieving a ‘three combined championships’, and also succeeded in the ‘treble’, which means winning all the regular league, championship, and cup competitions in one season. He was credited with building a dynasty.

메이저사이트 Han himself also embraced the honor of winning the regular league MVP for the first time in the setter position following the championship MVP. Player Han said, “In fact, I thought Choi Tae-woong (current Hyundai Capital coach) rode, but I was a little surprised and honored that I was the first. After playing volleyball for a long time, I received an award,” he said.

As he said, it is true that a player has been playing volleyball for a long time. Player Han, born in 1985, who made his debut in 2007, became a professional player in his 17th year while playing for only one Korean Air team, and in the meantime became the father of three daughters. He is two years older than the head coach of Korean Air, Tommy Tilly Kainen. One player, who said, “With the coach, we talk about volleyball for a long time like a friend while calling Tommy by name.”

Is that why? Player Han, who expressed his desire to continue his career until the age of 42 immediately after winning the championship, announced his changed thoughts. “One year, one year feels different, so I talked about about 42 years old, but if I keep my motor skills and senses well, I think it could be a little more,” said one player who got lucky. On the premise that this will happen, I will think about it until the age of 45,” he said, extending the grace period.

Of course, he himself is still competitive, so it is also a word that can come out. Player Han is recognized as the best setter in professional volleyball even now in his late 30s, and has been consistently named the annual salary king since 2015. He is proving his worth not only with his high salary, but also with his record. He also has a running set rate of 45.53%, where he finds a place where there is no opponent blocker or only one, and he is the only setter in Korea who is in the 40% range.

Player Han, who constantly humbled himself, asserted that he could not hide his pride as a setter, saying, “I still think that I am the best setter in Korea.” He continued, “The opposing team’s serve is getting stronger every season, and the receiving efficiency is also decreasing every year, but the setter’s job is to put the striker in a position where he can hit well. Each striker has their own thoughts and colors. If giving it to others is called stubbornness, then you have to be stubborn,” he said. One player, who is closely watching junior setters such as Kim Myeong-gwan and Lee Hyun-seung (above Hyundai Capital), said, “Young players are basically all good, such as height, athletic ability, and toss. “He also said

Since he made up his mind to live a long career as a player, he has many goals he wants to achieve during the rest of his career. The first thing we are looking at is a 4-game winning streak that no one has achieved so far. One player said, “Since we don’t know the future, we think that what’s ahead is important and we only look forward. We plan to take one step at a time for our 4th consecutive victory next season.”

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