“I’ve never seen a goal like this” → ‘Curling goal’ fans, Puskas Award ‘excited’

There is a lot of fuss online over the goal of Angel Di Maria of Juventus in Italian Serie A. Not only is the reaction really unbelievable, but it is said that it preoccupied the Puskas Award this season.

Di Maria scored all three of his team’s goals in the Europa League Round of 16 match against Nantes, France, held at dawn on the 24th. Juventus won 3-0 thanks to Di Maria scoring a hat-trick.

What the media paid more attention to than Juventus’ victory was Di Maria’s first goal in the fourth minute of the first half.

The British media claimed that ‘Di Maria will receive the Muskas Award’. Already, Di Maria is said to have added the Puskas Award following the World Cup winner’s medal.

What kind of goal was it that made the fans so excited? Faziolo passed to Di María for Juventus. It was in the right corner of the penalty box, so it didn’t look dangerous.

As two Nantes defenders stepped up to block Di María, he fired a left-footed kick into the left-hand box.

The ball flying in a parabola seemed to escape the goal. However, the ball suddenly turned almost 90 degrees as it passed the goalkeeper’s height. And then it just got sucked into the goal. 바카라

The media expressed surprise by calling this goal a ‘curling goal’. Suddenly, the ball turned without a magnet attached to it. Nantes goalkeeper Alban Lafon only watched. Even the fans were excited that this was a situation where a goal could not be scored.

One fan exclaimed, “This is a work of art,” or exclaimed, “Di Maria just won the Puskas Award.” “Di Maria, I have never seen a goal like this. A wonderful goal,” said an Italian reporter who couldn’t hide his excitement.

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