Jo Il-jang, the winner, match point ‘in front of the final’ with the number of 4 drone wins

Jo Il-jang, who allowed consecutive blows and tied the score, properly showed the guts of a veteran. He took the lead again, outwitting Jung Young-jae with a 4-drone win.

In the afternoon of the 18th, Cho Il-jang broke through the opponent’s defense line with a bold choice of 4 drones in the 5-set match against Jung Young-jae in the semifinals of the ‘ASL Season 15’ held at the Colosseum on the B1 floor of Lotte World in Jamsil, Jamsil, Seoul. . Cho Il-jang, who scored a match point with a win in the 5th set, had only one win left before advancing to the final. 온라인카지노

Cho Il-jang, who failed to block the opponent’s one-shot rush in the 3rd and 4th sets and gave an advantageous flow, made an unprecedented decision to use 4 drones without hesitation in the 5th set ‘Nemesis’. It seemed that Jo Il-jang’s juggling was blocked at the entrance due to a short shot, but Jo Il-jang, who produced additional jugglings, decided the game as he succeeded in destroying the supply depot by hitting the supply depot once again without missing the gap when Jung Young-jae turned his troops around and weakened the entrance defense. it’s off

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