Joo Se-jong ‘return from injury’…Daejeon, Geoje and FA Cup 3R selection revealed

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s captain Ju Se-jong has returned from injury.

Daejeon will have a 3rd round match of the ‘2023 Hana Bank FA Cup’ against Geoje Citizen Soccer Team at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 12th at 7pm. Daejeon is currently in 4th place (11 points) in the K-League 1 with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss from 6 matches. Geoje belongs to the K4 League and is located in 5th place with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in 6 games this season. 메이저놀이터

Prior to the game, the starting rosters for both teams were released. In Daejeon, Lee Seon-yu, Yoo Kang-hyeon, Lee Dong-won, Kim Young-wook, Joo Se-jong, Kim Ji-hoon, Kim Hyun-woo, Lim Eun-soo, Anton, Bae Seo-joon, and Jeong San will participate first. The waiting list included Seonho Lee, Wonsik Jung, Kyunghwan Kim, Junsu Byun, Byungkwan Jeon, Minhyun Gong, and Junseo Lee.

The return of Joo Se-jong stands out. Joo Se-jong was injured in the second round of the K-League 1 against Incheon United. He suffered a major injury called an orbital fracture, and even had to undergo surgery. After a month-long hiatus, Joo Sejong announced that his return was imminent by announcing that he had started full-scale training in early April. And through this FA Cup, he was able to tune his sense of practice.

Against Geoje, Lee Si-chang, Park Ye-chan, Park Sang-wook, Kim Gyeong-hwan, Kim I-geun, Oh Hwarang, Kim Min-seok, Baek Sang-won, Oh Min-seok, Choi Han-sol, and Kim Won-joong will start. Choi Jin-hyeok, Lee Kun-young, Lee Ju-ho, Yoon Jung-min, Kim Hwi-han, and Park Ha-min sat on the bench.

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