KB Insurance, a 42-point joint venture between Villena and Hwang Kyung-min, comes from behind against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

‘There is no giving up on spring volleyball.’ Men’s professional volleyball KB Insurance obtained valuable 3 points and a multiplier on the away road.

KB Insurance won an away game against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2022-23 Dodram V-League held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 23rd with a set score of 3-1 (19-25 25-22 25-20 25-21). With this victory, KB Insurance broke its 2nd consecutive loss and became 12-18 (35 points).

Although he was in place in 6th place, he narrowed the gap with 5th place OK Financial Group (14 wins, 16 losses, 41 points) and did not break the spark of hope for spring volleyball. On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine suffered three consecutive losses and stayed at the bottom (7th) with 9 wins and 21 losses (28 points).

In KB Insurance, Viyena (Spain) played an active part, scoring the most with 27 points. Hwang Kyung-min also contributed 15 points to his team’s come-from-behind victory. He blocked the opponent’s attack 6 times that day. The most in one individual match.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance fought hard with 25 points from Iqbairi (Libya), 14 points from Kim Jeong-ho, and 7 points including 3 blocks from veteran middle blocker Ha Hyun-yong, but the losing streak could not be broken.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance took the initiative. Ikbairi took the lead in the firepower confrontation and took the first set.

Ikri Lee was responsible for the Samsung Fire attack by driving up 13 points in that set alone. KB Insurance, which had been dragged along, caught up with Hwang Taek-i’s serve ace in the second half of the set, followed by Hwang Kyung-min’s back attack by Ik Bai-ri with blocking, and caught up to 19-22.

However, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s middle blocker Ha Hyun-yong blocked Villena’s attempted open attack, and in the next rally Shin Shin-ho scored a serve and ran away 24-19, consolidating the set victory. Ha Hyun-yong’s open attack finished the match.

KB Insurance launched a counterattack in the second set. While Ikbairi, who had fluttered in the first set, slowed down with a 3-point attack success rate of 37.5%, Viyena gained strength. He scored 10 points in the set and led the attack of KB Insurance.

KB Insurance widened the score gap from the middle of the set and eventually balanced by winning the set. The 3rd set proceeded with a close match flow at the beginning. However, KB Insurance widened its lead with Viyena’s sub ace.

In the middle of the set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance attempted a rearguard attack by Iqbairi, and they caught up 14-17. However, KB Insurance ran away again with Viyena at the forefront and seized the set victory. 카지노

KB Insurance, who took the set lead by taking the 3rd set, accumulated points by blocking the 4th set and working quickly. They took a 4-point lead midway through the set. Samsung Fire & Marine did not sit still.

Shin Shin-ho’s attack and setter Noh Jae-wook’s serve ace narrowed the score to 16-17. KB Insurance has overcome the hurdles well. Hwang Kyung-min blocked Kim Jeong-ho’s back attack, and in the next rally, Hwang Taek-eui scored a serve and ran away again 21-17. KB Insurance’s fast attack by Park Jin-woo succeeded and made it 24-21, consolidating its winning streak.

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