Kim Da-eun wins the women’s 100m in the Hangzhou Asian Games 11 seconds 73

‘Twin sprinter’ Kim Da-eun (20, Gapyeong-gun Office) virtually obtained the right to participate in the women’s 100m track and field event at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Da-eun won the 100m final at the KBS Cup National Track and Field Championships held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 5th, setting her personal best of 11:73.

She was followed by Yoo Jeong-mi (Andong City Hall), who holds the 3rd place record in Korea with 11.61 seconds, and Lee Min-jung (Siheung City Hall), who is the ‘200m strongest’, took 3rd place with 11.99 seconds.

Kim Da-eun’s twin sister Kim So-eun (Gapyeong-gun Office) placed 4th with 12.14 seconds.

This competition also served as a selection match for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Korea Association of Athletics Federations plans to hold a performance improvement committee after the KBS Championship to select a representative for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The federation said, “Among the players participating in the Asian Games selection competition, the first place player in each event will be selected first.”

Da-eun Kim, who won three gold medals (100m, 200m, 400m relay) at the 2021 National Sports Festival when she was a senior at Gapyeong High School, struggled in 2022, her first year of unemployment.

However, at the 2023 Iksan KTFL National Unemployment Athletics Championships (March 29), which was the first game of this year, it surpassed the previous personal best record (12 seconds 04) set in high school with 11 seconds 95, and in KBS boat, it further broke the record with 11 seconds 73. Shortened and became the ‘Asian Games national team priority selection target’.

Kim Da-eun said, “Last year, I had difficulties due to injuries, but this year, I want to break my personal record at each event I participate in, and I will work hard to set a Korean record for the 100m.”

In the men’s collegiate and general 100m finals, Lee Jae-seong (Korea National University of Sport) rose to the top with 10.37 seconds.

Lee Jae-seong said through the federation after the game, “I prepared hard, and I am happy that the result of winning the championship” and “I will do my best with the goal of setting a new Korean record for the 100m and 200m in the university division this year, which is my senior year of college.”

Simon Lee (Korea National University of Physical Education) took 2nd place with 10.39 seconds, and Park Won-jin took 3rd place with 10.48 seconds.

Kook-Young Kim (Gwangju City Hall), who holds the Korean record of 10.07, competed in the preliminaries and semifinals, but withdrew from the finals.

In the ‘Hangzhou Asian Games Representative Selection Criteria’, the Korea Association of Athletics Federations stated, ‘If you participate in the selection but withdraw due to injury, etc., you may be eligible for relief if your best record in 2022-2023 is at the level of winning a medal.’

Kim Kook-young tied for 4th in Asia with 10.09 in 2022.

If the Korea Association of Athletics Federations Performance Improvement Committee recognizes Kim’s medal potential, Kim can participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games 스포츠토토.

Kim Tae-hee (Irigong High School) set a new Korean high school record of 58m84 in the women’s hammer throw (4kg).

Kim Tae-hee threw 58m66 in the 4th period in a total of 6 attempts, and she changed the previous high school record of 57m74 set by Park Hee-sun in October 2010 in 13 years, and she broke the Korean high school record with 58m84 in the 6th period. was renewed once again.

Kim Tae-hee won the women’s hammer throw (3kg) at the Asian Youth Championships held in Kuwait last October with a 59m24.

In domestic competitions where she fought for records, not rankings, she even set new records in each category.

The second place on the day was Park Ha-ran (Daejeon High School) who threw 47m07.

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