“Kim Ha-sung is already one of the best ML players,” local praise said, “It’s an amazing turnaround.”

– Kim Ha-seong (as of the 11th, Korean time) batting average of 0.288, 15 homers, 27 stolen bases – American media praised Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres),
“A surprising twist of a Korean superstar, one of the best ML players”

are losing He was already considered to be on the same level as one of the best players in the major leagues.

Ha-seong Kim made a big success 메이저사이트 with 1 hit in 3 at-bats, 1 walk, 3 stolen bases and 1 point in the 2023 Major League (MLB) away game against the Seattle Mariners held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, USA on the 10th (Korean time). did.
◆ Kim Ha-seong completes 3 steals in 1 game for the first time in major league debutIt was a game in which Kim Ha-seong’s feet and running sense stood out. On this day, Kim Ha-seong succeeded in stealing bases twice from the first inning, completely draining the soul of the opponent’s battery. Kim Ha-seong, who took his first at-bat with a leadoff in the top of the first inning, singled out a walk after a five-pitch game against Seattle starting pitcher Emerson Hancock, who made his debut that day. The next hitter is Fernando Tatis Jr. 2nd pitch with ball count 0-1. Ha-seong Kim boldly started running toward second base. The opposing catcher’s throw continued, but Kim Ha-seong’s feet were much faster. The 25th stolen base of the season that perfectly stole the pitching timing of the opposing pitcher. At this time, he took advantage of the moment when he spilled the ball and even showed a gesture as if he was jumping to third base.

Eventually, Ha-seong Kim reached third base. Tatis Jr. struck out. In the follow-up Juan Soto’s first pitch, he tried to skip with a stride, and he started running to third base. After Seattle catcher Carl Raleigh caught the ball, he timed it so perfectly that he couldn’t even throw it to third base. Season 26 Successfully stolen base. Continued 1st out and 3rd base opportunities. Then, when Soto grounded in front of an ambiguous pitcher, Ha-seong Kim dug into the home and attempted a head-first slide. The pitcher who caught the ball exchanged the score with one out count by spraying it to first base without even trying to throw home. It was the moment when San Diego took the lead without a single hit thanks to Ha-sung Kim’s quick feet.

Kim Ha-seong got a hit in his second at-bat and resumed the multi-on-base march that had been cut off the previous day (9th) in just two at-bats. A situation where there is no one runner. Ha-seong Kim picked out one ball after being driven to an unfavorable ball count of 0-2. Then, on the 4th pitch, he attacked Hancock’s sinker and hit a left-center hit that slipped between the shortstop and second baseman. The moment Ha-sung Kim hit for 15 consecutive games. According to AJ Casabel, who is in charge of San Diego on MLB.com, the official major league website, Kim Ha-seong set the record for the longest consecutive hitting streak in the team in 8 years since Matt Kemp (15 games) in 2015. And this time, Kim Ha-seong ran again. In the middle of a persistent game with Hancock and Tatis Jr., Kim Ha-seong succeeded in stealing second base on the 9th ball. Season 27 stolen base. The moment when Kim Ha-sung had 3 steals in 1 game for the first time since his major league debut. With this steal, Kim Ha-seong ranked fourth in the National League stolen base category.

Kim Ha-seong stepped on the third at-bat in the 5th inning with a chance to 1 out and 1 base, but after a 5-pitch game, he struck out with a check swing. Then, in the 7th inning, with no runners on the 2nd, he was out with a floating ball to the center fielder. On this day, San Diego allowed a tie at the bottom of the 3rd inning, and then lost 1-6, giving up 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning. In San Diego, which only had 4 hits, there was no other player other than Kim Ha-seong who performed so well. The team fell into a 4-game losing streak. The standings are 55-60, 4th in the National League West Division.

This season, Kim Ha-seong participated in 110 games and recorded a batting average of 0.288, 15 homers, 41 RBIs, 63 points, 27 stolen bases, an on-base percentage of 0.384, a slugging percentage of 0.451, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.835.

◆ US media Sports Illustrated “How Ha-seong Kim became one of the best players in the major leagues”After the game, voices praising Kim Ha-seong poured out in the US. The US media Sports Illustrated praised it as “An amazing turnaround for the Korean superstar” and then “Experts analyzed how Kim Ha-seong became one of the best players in the major leagues (Analyst Breaks Down How Ha Seong-Kim Has Become of the MLB’s Best Players)”.

Sports Illustrated said, “Although Ha-seong Kim did not participate in the All-Star Game, he is having the best season in the major leagues so far.” He also showed weakness in the attack,” he explained. “Ha-sung Kim received more attention in the series with the Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman are competing for MVP in the National League, but the Dodgers’ superstars are the ones who are the best in Ha-sung Kim’s WAR (contribution to victory vs. replacement) this season. I’m not crazy,” said Kim Ha-seong, raising his eyebrows.

He also praised Kim Ha-seong for his defensive skills. The media said, “After stepping on Petco Park, Ha-seong Kim has grown into one of the best defenders in the world. Also this season, he is showing the best offense within the team. Even in a lineup lined with superstar teammates, Kim Ha-seong is clearly showing a different performance. He quickly approaches 30 steals, and Kim Ha-seong, the team’s No. 1 stealer, hits 15 home runs and is marking a high batting average. It is also Kim Ha-seong who is saving San Diego,” he repeatedly praised.

And that’s not all. Divine Sports Gospel, a podcast in San Diego, USA, said, “If you have watched a lot of San Diego games this year, you will know that the team’s MVP is Ha-seong Kim.” is having a better season than them. The appearance of Kim Ha-sung in San Diego, which is having a roller coaster-like season, was the best ever. He will be an eternal all-star in the future.”
◆ Now, an Asian infielder challenges the record of stealing the most bases in a season (32), a new history of ‘-6’Ha-seong Kim, who has already set the record for the most stolen bases by a Korean major leaguer (22 stolen bases by Shin-soo Choo in 2010), is set to challenge for a new record. In 2007, Japanese infielder Kazuo Matsui held the record for the most stolen bases by an Asian infielder (32 stolen bases in Colorado at the time). Although it will be difficult to surpass Ichiro Suzuki (56 steals), the record holder for the most stolen bases from Asia, 32 steals seems quite possible. After taking a day off on the 11th, San Diego will start its third consecutive away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks from the 12th. Expectations are already rising as to what kind of activity Kim Ha-seong will do.

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