Kim Ha-sung, the “variable for abdominal pain,” has set only one record for the club in 10 years… Will I achieve a great achievement

Ha-Sung Kim (28, San Diego) has contributed to the team in many ways this season. His contributions to the team are comparable to those of San Diego’s established All-Star hitters. The star players have been relatively disappointing compared to expectations, which makes Kim’s contributions shine even brighter.

He’s literally an all-around player. He hits well, runs well, and catches well. For starters, his offensive production has skyrocketed compared to the past two years. In 2021, his first season in the majors, Kim’s adjusted wRC+ was 72, 28% below league average, according to FanGraphs. But last year, as his offense improved, that number rose to 106, above league average.토토사이트

This year has been even better. A slump after mid-August hurt his numbers, but through 18 games, he’s batting .265 with a .356 on-base percentage, 17 home runs, 58 RBIs, 81 runs scored, 36 doubles, and a .763 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage). His wRC+ is 116. Considering how many games he has left this season, he should be able to finish the year with these numbers, which are up considerably from last year. Considering he’s a center fielder, that’s one of the best in the league.

The same can’t be said for his defense. He was a Gold Glove finalist at shortstop in the National League last year. Even though he didn’t win, both objective defensive metrics like DRS (which shows how many runs he prevented) and the subjective judgment of the fielding staff were favorable. This year is an upgrade. He’s been an anchor in the San Diego infield, playing shortstop and third base as well as second base.

To that, he added first base. Kim’s success in the major leagues is due in part to his multiple skills, but also to the fact that he’s one of the best runners in the majors. Kim’s athleticism has always been highly regarded, regardless of his success. This year, he’s proving it right. He stole a whopping 36 bases this year, up from six in 2021 and 12 last year.

This year, there are fewer catches and the bases are physically bigger. It was predicted that it would be a world of runners who could run, and Kim has been one of the beneficiaries. He’s stolen 36 bases this year, with only eight thrown out, for a success rate of 81.8%. He was fifth in the National League in stolen bases and first on the team.

Kim already has 36 stolen bases this year

His explosive baserunning ability is among the best in the majors.

Kim needs just one more stolen base to become the first player since Cabrera in 2013 to tie the franchise record.

Kim’s stealing prowess was on pace to set a franchise record this year. Not just in terms of stolen bases, but in terms of stealing two or more bases in a game. He stole 36 bases this year and had five games where he stole two or more bases in a game.

The last player in San Diego franchise history to steal 37 or more bases in a single season while also stealing two or more bases in a game five or more times dates back to 2013. That player is Yovel Cabrera. Making his major league debut with San Diego in 2009 and playing in the majors until 2015, Cabrera was a player who saw time at shortstop for his team and occasionally played second and third base. He wasn’t a great hitter, but he did have a breakout season in 2013, when he was named an All-Star.

Cabrera had very quick feet. He stole 25 bases in 103 games in 2009, 44 in 115 games in 2012, and 37 in just 95 games in 2013. He also led the National League in stolen bases in 2012.

He needed just one more stolen base to approach Cabrera’s record in 2013, but even that is under threat. Initially, it looked like it was within reach given the number of games remaining. He had already fulfilled the requirement of five games with at least two doubles. However, a sudden abdominal pain that forced him to leave the game against Oakland on April 18 is causing concern.

When asked about the exact situation, Oakland manager Bob Melvin told reporters, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I heard this morning and he said he’s had some pain since last night,” meaning he’s not sure if it’s a muscle soreness or an internal issue.

The fact that Kim, who is not known to be a pushover, complained of pain to the club as soon as the day dawned suggests that the problem is not something to be taken lightly. We’ll know exactly what’s going on on the 19th, but the question is whether or not he’ll be able to finish the season with no injured list.

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