Kim Min-jae… “It’s already difficult after the World Cup”, scheduled to meet Klinsman

Kim Min-jae (27, Naples), who was surrounded by rumors of retirement from the national team, was not talking about a day or two.

The Korean national soccer team lost 1-2 to Uruguay in a friendly match for the national team hosted by Hana Bank at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th. Korea, which had previously drawn against Colombia, finished its March A-match schedule with 1 draw and 1 loss.

After the game, it was Kim Min-jae’s remarks that attracted more attention than the result. He looked back in the mixed zone, saying, “It was a game I had to win, but it’s a pity,” and “I think I need to focus more on the set play situation.” Regarding the evaluation of the lack of defense, he said, “I don’t think it is wrong,” and “I will try to match it well with his teammates.” 온라인카지노

Still, he brought up an unexpected story. Kim Min-jae said, “I’m just in a difficult and mentally broken state right now,” and said, “I plan to focus only on my team.” He said, “It’s hard in terms of football, and it’s hard on the body, too. That’s why I want to focus only on my team rather than the national team.”

When asked if it was coordinated with the Korea Football Association, he said, “I can’t say that it was coordinated,” and finished the interview after saying, “We were talking a little.”

It was a completely different attitude from the day before. Kim Min-jae, who attended the official press conference the day before the game, revealed his goal, “to maintain my skills without injury and play an active part in the national team.” Regarding the specific number of games, he replied, “Wouldn’t you do as much as your body does?”

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann also raised his thumb, saying, “As a manager, I feel proud to be able to work with Kim Min-jae.”

In addition, he added, “As Son Heung-min raises the status of Korean football at Tottenham, I hope that he will provide opportunities for young Korean players to experience football as well as personal honor.”

What is the reason for the sudden change in Kim Min-jae’s heart? An official from the association said, “I have never talked at this point,” and “there was no bad atmosphere so that I could not grasp such content.” At the same time, he said at the time of the last 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

He said, “I know that Kim Min-jae expressed mental and physical difficulties in his role in the national team after the World Cup. He added, “It was well talked about, the game was played well, and there were no problems.”

Association officials also spoke about the contents of the press conference the day before the game. He said, “If you had the heart to retire, would you have said that?” I think he might be impulsive,” he said cautiously.

Manager Klinsman also recognized Kim Min-jae’s remarks. An official from the association said, “It was reported to the coach right away,” and “I plan to go to Europe in April to manage Korean players. We will meet and talk then.”

Finally, an official from the association said, “After the conversation, the coach will figure out the problem and then play a role.” He expects a positive future, saying, “I think it will work out well.

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