KOGAS appoints coach Kim Sang-young to serve as acting head coach Kang Hyuk

The Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus Professional Basketball Team (owner Choi Yeon-hye) announced on the 5th that it has appointed Coach Kim Sang-young, a former head coach of a commercial basketball team, as the new coach to work with Acting Head Coach Kang Hyuk in order to stabilize the professional basketball team early.

Coach Kim Sang-young, who has a wealth of practical experience with Acting Head Coach Kang Hyuk, plans to make every effort to prepare for the next season based on mutual trust with the players.

In addition, the club plans to make various changes such as replacing the CI to refresh the image and selecting new uniforms in consideration of fan response.

In addition, the team will actively support training camps not only in Korea but also overseas to improve players’ skills and boost their morale.

The club explained that these measures are not only part of its efforts to operate the club efficiently and rationally in the future as it completes the improvement of inefficient operations, but also the first step to fulfill the promise recently made by owner Choi Yeon-hye, “We will provide the best support within the scope of our capabilities to meet the expectations of our fans even in difficult business conditions 안전놀이터.”

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