“LEE, Korea tour before signing, right?”…Mallorca, ATM ‘Kang-in Lee proposal’ a ‘ballsy move’

RCD Mallorca have faith in their corner and are showing some guts in front of Atletico Madrid.

On Tuesday (Aug. 10), Spanish Mallorcan outlet Football Desde Mallorca explained why the club can make a strong case in the ongoing negotiations with Atletico for Lee Kang-in.

Lee, who had a career-high season last season with six goals and six assists in the league, is being courted by La Liga giants Atletico.

Atletico also wanted Lee in the winter transfer window last January. “One thing is for sure, he won’t be playing for Mallorca next season,” the media said.

The problem is the transfer fee. According to the media, Atletico, who want to bring in Lee, initially offered a transfer fee of €12 million and the loan of Rodrigo Riquelme, but negotiations stalled when Mallorca wanted €20 million.

Atletico are preparing a new offer in a bid to convince Mallorca, but it is not expected to be easy as Mallorca have their own beliefs.

The areas where Mallorca has the upper hand in negotiations with Atletico are reportedly the travel schedule and the bids from Premier League teams.

“Negotiations between Atletico and Mallorca are currently at a standstill,” the outlet said, explaining that “Mallorca can hold out until July, when Atletico will tour South Korea.”

Atletico will travel to South Korea for the first time in the club’s history at the end of July, when they will play a series of matches with Manchester City and Team K League in South Korea.

Atletico’s plan is to travel to South Korea with Lee Kang-in and showcase him in an Atletico jersey to the local fans.

In other words, Atletico must finalize the signing of Lee by the date of the visit, so the longer they wait, the more impatient they will be, and the more advantageous the negotiations will be for the Mallorca side.

“If there are offers from Premier League clubs, Mallorca is free to choose the one they want the most,” he said.

Premier League clubs including Newcastle United, Aston Villa, and Brighton & Hove Albion have all been linked with Lee at least once, although it has quieted down recently.

“The only official offer for Lee is from Atletico,” the source said. At the moment, Atletico are the only team sitting at the negotiating table, but once the Premier League clubs join the talks, Atletico will have no choice but to increase their offer in order to win the race. 안전놀이터

Atletico want to finalize the deal quickly, before the date of the South Korean visit and before the Premier League clubs get their eyes on Lee and start making offers.

The problem is that Mallorca know what Atletico are thinking all too well. They want to get as much out of Lee as possible, so they’re waiting for the impatient Atletico to come up with a better offer than the last one.

As Mallorca and Atletico continue their silent war over Lee, it will be interesting to see how the deal is finalized.

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