LG Beam Sidearm that the U.S. is paying attention to… MLB showcase → catch all KS championships

As the players who went from the KBO League to the Major League achieved their desired results, the major league’s view of Korea continues to improve. Right now, while Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) is receiving good reviews locally, there are not a few scouts who are paying attention to the next one.

Summarizing the words of people familiar with the situation, Ahn Woo-jin and Kim Hye-seong (Lee Sang Ki-woom), Ko Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young (Lee Sang-gi) are the subjects of data collection by major league clubs. Here, Jung Woo-young (24‧LG) is a player who receives good reviews not only for his basic skills but also for his rarity. This is because sidearms capable of throwing fastballs are rare even in the United States.

An official from a club said, “When I heard from a certain club to recommend a Korean player, I mentioned the names of Lee Jung-hoo, An Woo-jin, and Jung Woo-young.” “he explained. It is rumored that there are quite a few similar views. 바카라

What is the story of entering the major leagues yet, and whether or not it will be realized depends on the future process. However, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is cheering for Jung Woo-young’s dream, saying, “There are cases where our players have a sense of goal to advance overseas, but if they don’t settle down, they fall. I think we have to keep trying.

Jung Woo-young, who has a dream in his heart, has a good opportunity. He was selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March. Personally, it is a great honor. At the same time as being honored to play for the country in the largest international baseball competition, the value of a player can increase by itself if he performs well or confirms a distinct advantage in this competition where numerous eyes gather.

This is why Jung Woo-young’s 2023 year is exciting. Jung Woo-young confidently resolves to catch both rabbits. After doing well in his first WBC, he does not hide his desire to finish in the first Korean series. His teammates also have the ability, and he thinks that it is a goal that he can achieve if he also goes through the season steadily without getting hurt as much as he has thoroughly prepared.

Jung Woo-young said, “It is true that I have a lot of responsibility because I am representing the country. I have to go out to the game and win. I have to prepare without lacking to create the winning process.” I also watched a lot of hitters on YouTube. Of course, it would be nice if I could go and throw well and watch it well by all overseas baseball officials, but the most important thing is to faithfully play my role in helping Korea win.”

First of all, since the WBC comes first before the season starts, the focus is on the WBC now, but anyway, the WBC is also part of the overall schedule for 2023. Jung Woo-young’s greed is not limited to this. He vowed to step on the stage of a Korean series that he had never been to before. Jung Woo-young is already full of the perfect year 2023 and all kinds of pleasant imaginations in his head. That is the motivation that drives Jung Woo-young.

Jung Woo-young said, “(Because other teams have become stronger), it may not be a smooth pennant race, and there will be pressure. But overcoming it is a professional player. We will do our best to finish one step higher than last year, I want to go to the US (semi-finals) and show the results,” he said, “I hope you have a lot of expectations, and I will work hard so that the players can live up to those expectations.” In 2023, when many things took place, attention is focusing on whether Jung Woo-young will be able to catch it all.

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