‘Living legend’ best left-handed big match, rekindling the box office that was washed away by rain

We’re hitting the box office again!

The atmosphere of professional baseball was washed away by the unexpected spring rain. Can Kim Gwang-Hyun and Yang Hyeon-Jong face-to-face confrontation rekindle the fire?

Professional baseball has heated up with the consecutive victories and rising trend of ‘nationally popular teams’ such as the Lotte Giants, KIA Tigers, and Samsung Lions. It seemed that the box office peaked through three consecutive games on Children’s Day weekend.

But it rained too much. Originally around Children’s Day, sunny weather is the best weather for fans to visit the baseball field. However, it rained too much across the country from the 4th to the 7th, perhaps because of the abnormal weather. In Busan, where the match between Lotte and Samsung was scheduled to take place, and in Changwon, where the match between NC Dinos and KIA was scheduled, all three matches were canceled. Excluding Gocheok Sky Dome, Jamsil LG Twins-Doosan Bears and Daejeon Hanwha Eagles-KT Wiz only played the last game on Sunday. Even then, the weather was cloudy, so we couldn’t record a crowd of 10,000.

The atmosphere is important for success 토스카지노. When the fans’ attention is focused on ‘wow’, you have to pull it up tightly to maintain that momentum for a long time. However, due to the rain, it became an empty weekend, and the fans’ interest in baseball was also broken.

However, an event was immediately prepared to alleviate the disappointment. Of course, it happened by chance, but even if I tried to put it like that, the rotation didn’t match, and various situations were burdensome, so a selection match between the best left-handed pitchers in Korea unfolded.

KIA and SSG Landers will play three consecutive matches during the week in Gwangju from the 9th. On the first day of the 9th, Gyeonggi KIA announced Yang Hyun-jong and SSG Kim Gwang-hyun as starters. The schedule was disrupted due to rain, and the meeting of the two was made possible.

After Kim Gwang-hyun announced his return to the KBO league last year, it was his three-game series against the KIA that made him build his body and make his first appearance. Because of this, there were many fans who wanted a head-to-head match with Yang Hyeon-jong, but they could not meet because of a one-day difference. Both of them returned to the KBO league side by side after challenging the major leagues. Yang Hyeon-jong made the spring camp body properly and rotated from the opening, while Kim Gwang-hyun was engrossed in building his body at the beginning. At the time, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung was considerate of Kim Gwang-hyun, who was making a comeback after a long time.

It has been eight years since the two faced each other. The last match was in September 2015. The two fought a total of 6 battles until 2015, and in those 6 matches, both teams shared 3 wins each.

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