Modern pentathlon Kim Eun-joo “My biggest dream is to participate in the Olympics”

Kim Eun-joo (26, Gangwon-do Sports Association, photo), the representative of Gangwon-do’s modern pentathlon, is well suited for the modifier ‘Gangwon-do’s representative sports star’. He is a native of Gangwon-do who was born in Inje and graduated from Gangwon Physical Education High School through Inje Elementary and Middle School.

Originally a sprinter, he started modern pentathlon after being noticed by Song Joo-shik, the coach of the modern pentathlon of the Provincial Athletic Association, who was also from Inje. Since his childhood, he has become a representative athlete of Gangwon’s modern pentathlon, and has won numerous medals in Gangwon-do. Last year, at the National Sports Festival, she achieved a last-minute standoff and won three medals, including a gold medal in the women’s general relay relay, a silver medal in the individual event and a bronze medal in the team event.

He also stood out on the international stage. In the relay category at the ‘2019 Modern Pentathlon World Championships’, she won the first medal (bronze medal) for Korean women’s modern pentathlon, and last year, she won a silver medal in the women’s individual event at the ‘Asian Modern Pentathlon Federation Asian Championships’. For the first time in the history of the Asian Championships, he contributed greatly to the splendid feat of winning all gold, silver and bronze.

Currently, Kim Eun-joo is sweating hard, concentrating on physical training and basic skills training in order to qualify for the 1st World Cup to be held in Cairo, Egypt in March. He is expected to perform on the international stage again this year, but there is a stage he has yet to step on. It’s the Olympics. Kim Eun-joo dreamed of participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics, saying, “His biggest dream is to participate in the Olympics.”

As the Paris Olympics are one year away, this year’s performance is bound to be important. This year’s goal is to surpass last year’s performance at the National Sports Festival. Kim Eun-joo said, “Last year I won a silver medal in the individual event, but this year I want to win a gold medal in the individual event as well.” Kim Bo-yeong (27) and Choo Hyo-jeong (23, Lee Sang-do Sports Association), who jointly won the relay gold medal together in the last sports event, are expected to achieve a second consecutive relay victory as they are in sync once again.

Kim Eun-joo, who is facing a more important year than ever, said, “I became a senior player in the modern pentathlon before I knew it. He believes in what he has done so far, shows a seasoned appearance, and wants to achieve good results.” 먹튀검증

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