Mongolian boxer wins his first fight under Korean flag. Three consecutive KO wins against Brazilians. Became a Brazilian killer

Nandin Erden (36, Team Finish, Namyangju) scored a TKO victory over Brazil’s Filipe Jejus (31) by pounding him at 1:44 of the first round in the fourth match of the quarterfinals of the ROAD FC 064 -70㎏ lightweight tournament at the Wonju General Gymnasium on Thursday.

Prior to this match, Cha Min-hyuk, Han 안전놀이터 Sang-kwon, Park Hyung-geun, Yoon Tae-young, and Park Hae-jin Ang Ji-yong had all lost six consecutive fights to foreign fighters, but Nandin Erden recorded his first win as a South Korean.

He will meet Japan’s Devana Shutaro in the quarterfinals after defeating Park Haejin.

The former Mongolian international lives in South Korea with his wife and recently received South Korean citizenship, so he is the top seed in the tournament. Nandinerden has previously defeated Brazilian fighter Bruno Miranda Toninho Fury by KO in his previous fight with Lords FC, so he is confident in his chances.

Jeuse is a seasoned fighter with an 11-4 record. At 5-foot-10, he is small for a lightweight, but he has a solid build and packs a powerful punch. He is considered to be better on the ground than Nandinjerden, but Nandinjerden has the edge in striking due to his longer reach.

Early on, Nandinjerden pressured Jeju with punches and Jeju responded with high kicks. When Jeju tried to go for his signature grapple, Nandinjerden took advantage. He grabbed Nandinjerden’s waist and tried to take him down, but Nandinjerden flipped him over and immediately started pounding away from top position. The punches rained down before Jeuse had time to defend, and the referee eventually stopped the fight.

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