Mourinho criticizes… “He came and stopped my Roman life”

Spanish national team midfielder Gonzalo Villar (24, Getafe) resented coach Mourinho.

Villar transferred from Elche to Roma in January 2020, and played in 33 league games in the 2020/2021 season and played an active role as a key player.

It was before last season that Villar, who was doing well, met a reef. As coach Mourinho took over the baton of Rome, he was classified as out of power. He moved to Getafe, Spain, to play mid-season. His position has not changed even this season, and he left on loan to Sampdoria last summer.

The twisted thread did not unravel. I gained confidence by playing 15 league games at Sampdoria, but I had no choice but to go to Getafe on the 13th due to the club’s financial difficulties.

Speaking to Spain’s Coffe, Villar said, “I think I had a very good experience in Rome. Until the person we all know comes along,” he shot at Mourinho.

As if a lot had accumulated, he vomited indignation, saying, “I don’t want to talk about him, but my adventures in Rome stopped after his arrival.”

He also opened up about the suspension of his loan to Sampdoria. Villar said, 온라인바카라 “I played well at Sampdoria, but the financial situation there was complicated. He hasn’t been paid for months. He was in the most difficult situation while playing soccer,” he said.

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