‘no! Does the ball chase people?’ Go Jae-hyeon, the ‘gojagi’ who led Daegu’s winning streak

Fans who watched the K-League 1 game for the first time in a long time on the 20th must have laughed absurdly watching the match between Daegu FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen.

It is because of the scene where Daegu striker Ko Jae-hyeon (24) scored the winning goal in this match held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium.

In the first half extra time, Daegu side defender Hwang Jae-won crossed from the right, aiming at Ko Jae-hyun, who was rushing into the goal.

Cross was a bit short. Daejeon defender Kim Min-deok fell and kicked it off.

However, the ball refracted and headed for Ko Jae-hyeon in front of the goal area. It was as if a magnet was attached to Ko Jae-hyun’s body.

Trapping once with his chest, Ko Jae-hyun shot a left-footed shot with a Daejeon defender in front and stabbed the post.

This is because in the Daegu match, there are often scenes where the ball ends up flowing towards Ko Jae-hyeon.

The location is so good that Daegu fans even nicknamed it “gojagi” in reference to Filippo Inzagi, the former Italian goalscorer. 메이저사이트

Koh Jae-hyeon scored 13 goals thanks to this ‘mysterious’ positioning ability.

He is still scoring 5 goals this season as well to this day.

Obviously, like Inzagi, his ability to smell the goal must have influenced his excellent positioning.

However, what stands out more than instinct is Ko Jae-hyeon’s ‘sincerity’.

According to the ‘April K-League 1 activity data’ announced by the Korea Professional Football Federation, Ko Jae-hyun jumped a total of 70.17 km and placed third in this category.

Koh Jae-hyun was ranked first in both the number of sprints (244 times) and the distance (4.987 km), far ahead of his competitors.

Since Ko Jae-hyun runs so much, it seems that he has a lot of scoring opportunities.

In an interview with a broadcaster after the game, Ko Jae-hyun said, “It’s been a habit since I was young to run a lot,” and “Honestly, I don’t think I run that much.”

He continued, “(Because the team plays defense-oriented soccer) I have to go out quickly when counterattacking, but I seem to have a lot of sprints because I play according to the team’s style.”

He even gave credit to Daegu’s “mental support”, veteran striker Se Jinya.

Sejingya returned from injury after about a month and played full-time that day.

Koh Jae-hyeon emphasized, “‘King of Daegu’ Sejingya is back” and “Thanks to Sejingya, I was able to play better because I had space.”

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