NYM purchase amount of ‘2,964 billion’ recovered in one year…Billionaire owner class

Billionaire Steve Cohen (67), a famous US hedge fund expert and owner of the New York Mets, recovered the amount he bought the Mets three years ago in one shot.

The New York Post, an American media outlet, said on the 24th (Korean time) that “Point 72, the hedge-hunt company owned by Cohen, generated more than $2.4 billion (approximately 2.964 trillion won) in profits to investors last year.”

According to data from LCH Investments cited by the Financial Times, Point 72 posted a net return of 10.3% last year despite difficult economic conditions. John Heyman of MLB Network, who cited this news, responded interestingly on his social media account, saying, “Unfortunately, $2.4 billion was paid by Cohen owner for the Mets.”

Cohen bought the Mets from the Wilpon family in September 2020 for $2.4 billion. After that, aggressive investment made the Mets into a 100-win team at once. Starting with the signing of a 12-year, $341 million (approximately 421.1 billion won) extension contract with Francisco Lindor (30) in April 2021, Mark Kanha (34, 2 years, $26.5 million) and Starling Marte (35, 2 years) 4 years, $78 million), Max Scherzer (39, 3 years, $130 million), Edwin Dias (29, 5 years, $102 million), Brandon Nemo (30, 8 years, $162 million), Adam Ottavino (38, 2 years, $14.5 million), Juston Verlander (40, 2 years, $86.6 million), Senga Godai (30, 5 years, $75 million), etc., without hesitation.

Most recently, although it was ultimately misfired, it showed the hotness of hijacking large shortstop free agent Carlos Correa from San Francisco for 12 years and 315 million dollars (approximately 389 billion won). 토토사이트

There were also concerns about the owner of Cohen. It is because I have seen many wealthy people who owned major league clubs boldly pour money in the early stage of the purchase, and then gradually lose their passion and become stingy in investment.

But Mets fans can put their worries aside for the time being. Cohen’s owner dispelled such concerns with a classy performance worthy of the world’s best hedge fund expert. Cohen, whose net worth is close to $13 billion (about 16 trillion won) as assessed by Bloomberg, earned $1.7 billion (about 2 trillion won) of personal capital gains from his point 72 last year.

The New York Post said, “Cohen’s unexpected windfall in 2022 should be a relief to Mets fans who have been crazy about his aggressive free agent deal.”

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